Worldcore is an online money transfer service that has recently become involved with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Find out everything you need to know about Worldcore today in our review.

What Is Worldcore?

Worldcore, found online at, is an online money transfer service. In recent months, Worldcore has announced plans to create an online, blockchain-powered peer-to-peer lending platform.

As part of their wider cryptocurrency goals, Worldcore announced its initial coin offering (ICO). The Worldcore ICO is scheduled for October 14, 2017.

Worldcore made headlines in 2016 for being awarded the “Best Fintech Newcomer” title by Business News Europe. That same year, Worldcore partnered with BitPay. Today, Worldcore now offers cryptocurrency-based withdrawals to customers around the world.

Ultimately, Worldcore is a traditional FinTech business that seeks to enter the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. To do that, Worldcore has scheduled an ICO.

Worldcore Products

Worldcore is an existing money transfer business that offers debit cards and other payment solutions. The company now offers cryptocurrency-based money transfers.

With their new cryptocurrency projects, Worldcore aims to undercut banks and money transfer competitors.

Today, Worldcore continues to offer payments and consumer spending options – including a prepaid debit card. They also currently accept bitcoin as a funding option.

Worldcore is also known for its verification systems. Instead of passwords, Worldcore account holders can access their accounts using face and voice recognition. The company’s blockchain solution, meanwhile, aims to offer a payment gateway similar to Ripple.

In the long-term, Worldcore’s cryptocurrency products will include a regulated blockchain-powered P2P lending platform, a blockchain-based cash transfer platform that allows for fast conversion of cryptocurrencies into cash, and the ability to transfer cryptocurrencies into a Swiss bank.

Worldcore Features

Across the Worldcore platform, the company offers all of the following features:

Mass Payments:

Employee wages, affiliate payouts, and payments to partners or subcontractors can all be facilitated through the Worldcore platform. The platform provides mass payments to any payment cards or bank accounts.

Smart Invoicing:

You create an invoice, then send it by email or SMS and get payment completed through all available options, including cryptocurrency.


Worldcore’s API has clear documentation for easy integration, giving users full control over the account and automation of all processes.


Worldcore has a facial recognition system called FaceKey that allows you to unlock your account simply by looking into your camera.


Similar to FaceKey, VoiceKey lets you unlock your account using a password. You say the code phrase and enter your Worldcore account.

Payment Account:

Worldcore’s payment account promises to offer all of the same features of traditional current bank accounts, including client onboarding, and advanced security and functionality.

Multi-Currency Accounts:

Worldcore customers can open a bank account with multiple currencies, allowing them to accept bank transfers without needing to open a bank account. This multi-currency account can be fully operated remotely and offers 0% commissions for bank transfer funding. It’s designed to be an alternative to traditional current bank accounts, and comes with no transaction limits, no monthly maintenance fees, no setup fees, and an entirely online application process with same-day approval.

The Worldcore Token Sale

The Worldcore ICO is scheduled to begin on October 14, 2017.

The total supply of WRC tokens will be one billion. Each token will be set at a price of $0.10 USD. WRC tokens are backed by a smart contract guaranteeing you a portion of annual revenue.

It’s important to note that Worldcore is an existing payment transfer business. The company, unlike other companies with ongoing ICOs, isn’t building its business from scratch. In 2017, Worldcore’s annual transaction volume has already exceeded €100 million and is expected to surpass €150 million before the end of the year.

Worldcore is also holding a pre-sale on October 2 for major investors. During this portion of the sale, investors will be subject to a minimum purchase of 500,000 tokens. The main ICO mentioned above, meanwhile, has a minimum purchase level of just $10.

Worldcore has set a goal of $100 million for its token sale. Funds raised during the ICO will be used to develop and promote the platform’s blockchain project.

You can contribute to the Worldcore ICO using EUR, USD, and cryptocurrencies.

As a token holder, you’ll receive a cut of Worldcore’s profits. 30% of company profit is distributed to token holders. Each holder receives profit share in proportion to the number of tokens purchased. Payments are made to an Ethereum wallet.

Meanwhile, if you purchase more than $50,000 USD in Worldcore tokens, you’ll have access to Worldcore’s real-time statistics. All token holders can access yearly reports.

Who’s Behind Worldcore?

Worldcore is led by Founder and CEO Alex Nasonov, CTO Igor Prokhorenko, and Chief Marketing Officer Sean Patterson.

Worldcore consists of a team of 40+ employees. The company is based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Worldcore Conclusion

Worldcore is a money transfer service that has provided banking services since 2014. Worldcore recently announced plans to launch cryptocurrency services while developing its own blockchain technology. As part of the company’s plan, they’ve announced an ICO in October 2017. Token holders gain a cut of Worldcore’s profit (30% of profits will be distributed to token holders).

You can learn more about Worldcore and the company’s upcoming ICO by visiting them online today at

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  1. Scam! According to the legend, Worldcore is a processing company. According to the results of 2017, the total profit, suppose, will be about $ 1 million (which is unlikely). This is if the firm really works. But in fact the amount will be less, if we proceed from the dynamics. It is known that Worldcore earns slightly less than 1% of turnover, which fits perfectly into the business model of the processing company. But it’s income! What is the net profit?
    Token has nothing to grow. Therefore, this ICO is simply a desire to collect the maximum amount of money and disappear. It is not for nothing that this ICO is being conducted by the well-known fraudster Pavel Krymov, the author of more than 40 benches.

  2. This is the divorce, which was invented by the swindler Pavel Krymov. He has been deceiving people for more than 15 years in various fraudulent projects, such as Forex Trend, Panteon Finance, Questra World and others.
    Now dubious projects are moving to Prague, as the state looks at them through fingers. So, recently opened the office of Private FX in Prague. Pavel Krymov will conduct them ICO immediately after the completion of Worldcore.
    Pavel Krymov stole more than $ 30 million and will steal, if not stop it

  3. This is completely fraud. They no longer want to pay bounty campaign participants. ICO has a standard theme when people are promised tokens for advertising services. People write comments on forums, in social networks. Wrote, for example, 40 comments on bitcointalk – get the results of successful ICO tokens.
    ICO did not take place – no one received a coin.
    Here, in the case of the benched Worldcore, the situation is as follows: the ICO seems to have taken place and the swindler Pavel will steal the investors’ money. And the bounty program participants were deceived, without giving them a penny.
    If the bounties were deceived, then what to say about investors.
    It’s a scum! Stay away from Worldcore!

  4. Pavel Krymov undertook to conduct ICO Worldcore for one reason – this is at first glance a really operating company.
    In fact it is a lo rate Russian ltd. Extremaly low quantity of employers: two people. They talk about 25 000 clients, but in fact, their application for android downloaded a little over 1000 people and some wrote comments that nothing works and it’s a scam.
    They write about 40 employees, but these people actually do not, which confirms the company’s accounts. Back in 2016, in numerous places warned – do not be led by this divorce – this is fraud.

  5. Crypto-currency windup of the Russian swindler Pavel Krymov Worldcore deceives its investors! The clauses of the road map are not met: 1. Expansion of the marketing budget, sales volume and marketing team to triplicate the growth rate (4th quarter of 2017). 2. Membership in VISA, Mastercard, China Unionpay, SWIFT, SEPA (1st quarter of 2018). 3. Launching of branded and co-branded debit cards for businesses (1st quarter of 2018). Look out! Worldcore is a fraudulent project for collecting money. Do not take token WRC!

  6. Worldcore is one of the most developing companies at the moment. I would like to say about the token, which is in great demand. Most vrc tokens were sold out almost immediately after the PPI.
    My completely honest Worldcore testimonial: cheap fees, best support, very easy control panel and a great deal more.
    I have been a client of this company for a year now, and I can’t say anything bad, because it doesn’t exist.
    The goal of this company is to make you work first, and the company earns with you.

  7. It is very strange that a year has passed since many people here wrote that Worldcore is a scam, and the payment continues to work, and not just work, but grow and develop. Worldcore is the company with the future!

  8. Ignore the fake reviews – enemies and haters of Worldcore uses an army of fake accounts everywhere.
    This company works at full capacity and pleases its investors with a good feedback.
    Worldcore – the best!

  9. Worldcore company is dynamically developing its portfolio of financial services and services, providing its customers with access to modern payment technologies. Bank transfers, payments in electronic currencies, the ability to issue debit cards, mass payments, payments to any Visa / Mastercard cards are available to Worldcore registered users. One of the company’s latest achievements was the integration of cryptocurrency wallets for managing Bitcoin digital assets and Ethereum-based tokens.


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