Today we are going to review a company called Woter Trade. Do you want to know everything about it? This is your chance, so read our review carefully if you are interested in Woter Trade.

What Is Woter Trade?

Woter Trade is a new cryptocurrency company which is having an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) at this moment to finance the launch of its hybrid cryptocurrency exchange. The objective of this company is the construction of an exchange in which you will be able to trade both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies at the same time.

This will enable the exchange to be more convenient to its clients because they will not have to trade their tokens for fiat currency elsewhere if they want to transfer them at any time.

The company states that it is creating the “world’s most valuable token” which is… not true at all. The main problem that we perceived while browsing the Woter Trade site is that the company tries to sell you the idea that it is selling something new and amazing when this is just another generic cryptocurrency trading which will probably never achieve really great results at all.

Woter Trade was created by Bledar Tola e Wissam Idrissi, both which are cryptocurrency investors since before Bitcoin was huge and are experienced in this market.

How Does Woter Trade Hybrid Decentralized Exchange Work?

The Tower Trade will use ERC20 Ethereum-based called Woter Tokens. If you pay the transactions with these tokens on the exchange, you will be able to pay reduced fees and this will earn you a bigger return on investment.

These tokens also work as shares of the company, you can hold the tokens to receive a part of the profit of the company. Every month, the company will 25% of its profits to the Woter Token holders.

This will be a cryptocurrency exchange which will be focused on three aspects: privacy, security and convenience. All the information about the users will be private, the company takes security very seriously and will have measures to protect its clients and their money and it is concerned about the accessibility of the platform, so it takes its time to develop a platform which can be easy to use.

The WOT Wallet will be launched in the third quarter of 2018 and the exchange will finally be online before the end of the year. The distribution of the company shares will only be available from January 2019 onward.

Woter Trade WOT ICO Details

Are you interested in the opportunity of acquiring Woter tokens and being able to get a return on investment from them? The company is currently having its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) at this time, so you can invest right now. The pre-ICO is online and you can buy tokens for $0.20 USD each during the sale. You have to be whitelisted for this sale.

If you want to participate in the main ICO, it will start on May 1. Then, you will be able to buy tokens for the price of $0.25, which is a little higher than the current price that they are being sold in the pre-ICO.

Woter Trade Verdict

Is Woter Trade the company that will make you rich? Not likely. While the company states that their cryptocurrency and their platform will be amazing, it will probably not. Woter Trade will be a very generic cryptocurrency and there is a great chance that it might not even be launched at all, as there are many failed ICOs that you can easily see that are as generic and uninspired as this company.

While not necessarily a terrible investment, Woter Trade is certainly not a good one. It could certainly be categorized as a regular to somewhat bad investment. Because of this, it would be a great idea to look for another cryptocurrency exchange which could be more interesting than this one if you really want to invest well.

This was our review. If you still want to invest in this company, we will not try to stop you, but know that you can always read our blog to find other excellent investments for you that might be a lot more profitable than this one.

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