What Is WRIO Internet OS?

WRIO Internet OS (WRIOS) is a blockchain-based Web 3.0 platform. With a primary objective of providing a net-generation browsing experience, this project combines three aspects, namely semantics, blockchain technology and smart contracts. The semantic web is an enhanced version of the internet where machines can process data both directly and indirectly.

The key driving factor behind the development of WRIOS is the upcoming need for adequate data processing mechanisms. In the near future, when the Internet of Things (IoT0 and Big Data become mainstream, there will be a demand for data processing infrastructure. Therefore, the development of a user-centered Web 3.0 platform is preparation in advance for this impending technological demand.

From a technical perspective, WRIOS is an open-source platform based on the Ethereum blockchain for cloud and decentralized applications that establishes a browser-based operating system. Essentially, it’s a Web 3.0 platform that does not require an API to run on third-party software.

WRIO Internet OS Blockchain Web Browser Advantages

For Users

  • The platform is free of malware, viruses and spamming messages.
  • Users can personalize their date using the profile section
  • Does not require downloading or installation of software
  • User-friendliness.
  • Customized web applications

For Authors

  • Automatic search for prospective clients using the inbuilt recommender
  • Monetization of innovativeness
  • Crowdfunding functionality
  • Access to uncensored content

For Entrepreneurs

  • Upgrading from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0
  • Connection to the semantic data pool
  • In-depth business statistics and analytics
  • Targeted and effective advertisements
  • High search engine page ranking

For Developers

  • The semantic pool provides a development environment for cloud and decntralzed apps
  • Blockchain cryptography guarantees data integrity
  • WRIOS is compatible with any device connected to the internet
  • Immunity to piracy and data theft

WRIO Internet OS Components

Supported Devices

WRIOS is supported by a majority of devices that are connected to the internet. Nonetheless, the team is currently working on an affordable Linux-based singleboard computers that have the WRIO Internet OS inbuilt during purchase.


The Keystore decrypts all incoming messages and information, and also provides a gateway to the user profile.to access the Keystore, an individual is required to use a password or two-factor authentication mechanism, moreover, the account is further secured suing a physical USB key.


Fundamentally, this acts as the digital ID card of every user of the WRIOS platform.

Global Address Book

This is a logical extension of the profile that provides the public address of a recipient during transactions.

WRIO Internet OS Nodes

These are the cloud version of WRIOS. Nodes can be used both publicly and privately.


This is an ERC20 complaint utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain that acts as the native cryptocurrency of the WRIOS ecosystem.

WRIO Internet OS WGD Token ICO Details

WRIOS will issue webGold tokens (WGD) during its upcoming ICO. The total supply of the tokens is capped at 387,500,000 WGD.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: WGD
  • Exchange rate: 1ETH = 20,000 WGD
  • Accepted cryptocurrency: ETH
  • Minimum purchase: 2,000 WGD or 0.1 ETH
  • Maximum purchase: 10,000,000 WGD or 500 ETH

Token Distribution

The WGD tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 80% – token sale
  • 10% – research and development
  • 4% – marketing and PR
  • 3% – bounty campaign
  • 2% – airdrop campaign
  • 1% – advisors

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