WTO Foundation

As the digital assets craze catches on around the globe, more and more enterprises are looking for ways of using technological advancement to benefit the digital assets community. Various platforms are coming up to establish the blockchain technology and maintain a global community that comprises major crypto exchanges, entrepreneurs, and a range of investors, digital asset media sources, and digital commodity enthusiasts.

One such platform is the WTO.

What Is WTO Foundation?

WTO is a global digital asset platform for digital commodities investors and enthusiasts. The platform is a world leader in the crypto-finance universe and it seeks to offer top-notch products and services in its boutique of digital assets. The platform is a first of its kind, with a global presence in different continents and support for multiple languages. The WTO platform makes it easy for people in Europe, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and the United States to purchase digital assets.

How WTO Foundation Digital Asset Platform Works

For starters, the platform offers the WeToken whose performance they seek to improve. The platform will through the We Up initiative apply a discount for any Token Initiator who holds WTO and offset part of the service fee he has paid as stipulated.

Depending on the size of the sales, the WTO platform works with the Token Initiator to carry out the WTO airdrops through the cooperation of the We Together Initiative. Further through the We Only project, unique international sales projects will be exclusive for WTO while WeToken inherits a small amount of it.

Users will also have the priority to purchase through We Purchase because they are allowed to buy the We Pass service. They can use WTO to discount a portion of the We Pass fee. The WTO users do not have to make token purchases in advance as there is no lock period and will only need to add WTO into the shopping basket as they purchase digital assets of their choice.

The WeToken holders will also have access to a super project exclusive channel for big projects in the crypto finance world that have earmarked exclusive tokens. Also, WTO will open a referral project channel to users, a social media group for the participation of all users, where they can make project recommendations and be rewarded with WTO.

The platform also gives its users the right to read and buy the digital asset report through the We Report service. Holding WTO enables the users to receive an evaluation report on a monthly basis. They are also allowed to wield WTO to buy the latest analysis reports on digital assets.

Finally, WTO offers the We VIP service which is a private customer service. Holders of WTO are at an advantage since they are entitled to a higher tier of customer service.

WTO Foundation WTO Token ICO Details

Key Details Of The ICO

  • Total: 1 billion WTO
  • Token: WTO
  • Exchange rate: 1 USDT= 30 WTO

Token Distribution

The WTO tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 5% – team building
  • 40% – product distribution
  • 25% – operation and compliance
  • 30% – marketing

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