Wyzerr: Uses Artificial Intelligence To Turn Feedback To Insights

Companies rely on human market researchers, data scientists, and analysts to review consumer reports to identify key patterns, anomalies, and trends in large volumes of data sets. This is time-consuming and expensive. Additionally intrinsic biases can result in inaccurate costly assumptions.

What Is Wyzerr?

Wyzerr plans to develop artificial intelligence to perform some of the burdensome tasks that human market researchers often perform manually. This technology is called Wizard.ai

Wyzerr empowers managers and other workers to make operational business solutions by the use of artificial intelligence to turn customer, employee, and consumer feedback data into real-time tasks and insights. Wyzerr extracts data from customers and employees of a company and uses this data to come up with key insights and tasks that can improve customer experience, increase customer loyalty, reduce churn, and support research and development.

Four years ago Wyzerr developed surveys that looked and felt like games. These surveys can capture 25 questions in under 60 seconds and have an average of 83% completion rate. The smart forms became very popular and were used by some of the biggest brands including Walmart, Unilever, and Disney among others.

However, while working with the large brands, Wyzerr learned that people often created bad surveys, the manual process of data analysis, and reporting was too long which often rendered the collected data irrelevant and most of the data was not actionable. Wyzerr launched a smart builder to guide users in the creation of better feedback campaigns. This allowed the best data to be collected. The company realized that there was yet another challenge as their customers were collecting so much data that they were at a loss on what to do with it. These challenges have led to the formation of Wizard.ai

The Wyzerr Wizard.ai Survey Creation Blockchain Solution

The platform uses artificial intelligence that turns customer feedback data into actionable tasks and insights for the different roles in the company. The data is output as simple grades that anyone can understand. The technology will convert large volumes of data feedback into real-time insights. The insights will be provided to the user in the form of a report card. The report card will show the areas where the business is doing well, where there is the need for improvement and where there is the danger of failure. As the business collects more data, Wizard.ai will make recommendations on how to improve the grades on each of the performance indicators.

Wizard.ai will be used by businesses to:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Identify gaps and opportunities
  • Generate new ideas
  • Identify trends
  • Create dynamic customer profiles
  • Predict customer future behavior

Wyzerr WZR Token ICO Details

The company is developing a new crypto asset the WZR token that will be used in connection with the company’s research data network. The company is currently offering the right to receive the token to investors and to the public. The process of participating in the Wyzerr presale will be manual. A Wyzerr employee will manually verify every participant. Investors interested in the presale are expected to sign up to the wait-list on wyzerr.io. However, the presale date of the tokens is yet to be announced and more details will be given on the token presale date and economics soon.


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