What Is X-Block?

X-Block is the first public chain built on the Fog Computing network. The project aims to create a convenient, open light and user-friendly eco-blockchain. X-Block is an outstanding representative of the public chains of the Blockchain 4.0 era.

How X- Block Blockchain Fog Computing System Works

X-Block relied on the Fog computing network for its creation. It can utilize heterogeneous devices that include smartphones, personal computers, routers, and others. With these devices, it has been able to create a decentralized computing engine.

With the galaxy super contract that the team was able to create, X-Block is able to maximally invoke the power of Fog computing technology via smart contracts. Besides that, computing resources of surrounding idle equipment may be integrated via the X-Block. As a result, it will make it possible to integrate the blockchain into daily technological processes.

For instance, the use of blockchain with AI, Internet of Things, and big data technology will become quite easy. This will help usher in a smart blockchain era. It will promote applications powered by the blockchain into day-to-day life.

X-Block XCC Token & ICO Details

The XCC tokens are already pre-mined. They will be rewarded to users for leasing any of their equipment resources. X-Block plans on holding an ICO “when the time comes.”

The Birth Of X-Block

The X-Block has emerged in the Blockchain 4.0 era to ensure that the bottom layer of the chain is strengthened. This will help to improve the encrypted algorithms, introduce multiple switch-in nodes and the consensus mechanisms. It will also make it possible to advance applications of the blockchain 3.0. Most believers of the blockchain have already begun to solve the problems with blockchain technology from a new perspective.

The X-Block has adopted the Fog computing design philosophy and it strives to reduce the participation threshold of the blockchain nodes. As a result, smart devices around the nodes are able to take part in the blockchain to their full capacity. This way, they can contribute bandwidth, computing resources, and data to the X-block chain.

Why X-Block Matters

As a bottom layer for the blockchain technology, X-block will be able to give an accurate reflection of the value and quantity of share resources. Consequently, it will be able to achieve a more stable and efficient shared computing ecosystem.

With the aid of the fog computing architecture, it will reduce the threshold for mass participation. Besides that, it will integrate with the mainstream internet technology. The result is that this public chain will help to make the blockchain gain mass adoption. This will mean a more open, decentralized and secure world for all.

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