What Is Xain?

XAIN is a standard access-control protocol ideal for machine networks. The company specializes in cyber security and distributed ledger instructions for the mobility sector. The company was first established in 2014 and fully incorporated in 2017. The initial aim was to provide standardized access control language for secure human-to-machine interactions.

While it delivers services worldwide, XAIN services are concentrated in Europe and the UK. The founders have backgrounds and adequate experience in automotive, which make it easier for the project to maintain a strong research focus and to specialize in delivering digital infrastructural solutions for the mobility sector. Currently, the management, product development, and business development teams comprise 25 employees.

Xain Blockchain Human To Machine Interaction Stack Products

Technological advances have led to rapidly changing customer expectations when it comes to mobility. As a universal access control protocol, XAIN supports unprecedented technology in the mobility sector concerning transportation service offerings and peer-to-peer sharing. XAIN’s product offering encompasses the following areas:

Decentralized Human-To-Machine Interactions

XAIN proposes that a centralized access control is naturally prone to attack. With that in mind, XAIN comes up with a decentralized access control solution, which is not vulnerable to external attack. This will ensure network resilience and secure authentication, validation, and execution.

In addition, XAIN argues that centralized access control leads to trust issues. In this regard, XAIN provides a trusted protocol that will overcome service incompatibilities and include both existing and new third party applications to generate new revenue streams for users and businesses.

Finally, XAIN argues that enterprises are failing individual privacy needs. Therefore, the company comes up with a decentralized protocol in which users control the access permission based on individual privacy needs. Besides, this also enables enterprises to comply with regulations like GDPR.

System-Agnostic And Trusted Access Control Protocol

XAIN seeks to initiate a flexible, secure, and user-centric access control language, ideal for greater interoperability of systems. This implies that users can allow temporary access permissions to trusted providers and individuals. The system also allows for a secure logging of access transaction history, which leads to a greater transparency and trust. Finally, it leads a secure authentication, validation, and execution of human-to-machine interactions.

Lightweight Embedded Clients For Iot Devices

XAIN argues that embedded clients that are inside micro controllers allow users to log events and access machine functions. That said, on the XAIN platform users are in full control of their machine functions to leverage trusted execution environments. It will also enable end-to-end, secure human-to-machine communication in offline and remote settings. The company also supports lightweight validation of network-wide access permissions.

Proof of Kernel Work (PoKW)

XAIN has a two-fold consensus mechanism, which combines cryptographic sortitioning and a proof of work. The platform supports dynamic network structures and a secure scalability for machine networks. Besides, the platform offers energy-efficient, consensus mechanism, which is ideal for energy-critical IoT devices.

Xain Conclusion

XAIN team is based in their offices in Berlin and Oxford. A case study of the XAIN platform was conducted on the Porsche, which became the first automotive manufacturer to test the blockchain technology inside a car.

According to Oliver Doring, the financial strategist at Porsche, they can use the blockchain technology to transfer information more quickly and securely. This, in turn gives their customers more peace of mind when accessing the vehicle during charging, parking, or delivery.

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