Xalles and Amazing Living Announce Stock Rewards Program

Xalles Holdings Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, Amazing Living Enterprises Inc have teamed up to significantly change the Amazing Living Affiliate Program with the addition of a Stock Rewards Program.

Xalles Holdings is a company focusing on accelerating fintech companies, leveraging blockchain technology for financial reconciliation, and payment auditing solutions while Amazing Living Enterprises Inc. is a network marketing company focusing on enhancing financial lives through a unique compensation program for affiliates.

The new program will reward Amazing Living Affiliates through “Amazing Living Dollars” for their activity in the program, purchasing from our eCommerce site, referring others, and loyalty to the company. Once they reach a set threshold of Amazing Living Dollars, they will be issued shares of XALL common stock of equivalent value at the current market price at the time.

The program became effective July 1, 2018 and the company expects to be issuing the first reward shares within a few months, given the fair and reasonable methods that affiliates can use to receive Amazing Living Dollars.

Amazing Living brings together a special combination of networking marketing, online commerce and the ability to receive stock in a publicly traded company. Bringing “Wall Street to Main Street” is a noble achievement that is expected to spur new growth in Amazing Living.

“I am excited to introduce this new program to our affiliates this week as part of the other changes we made to improve the compensation plan for our sales affiliates,” commented Dr. Dennis Grant, President of Amazing Living Enterprises. He added, “we have something unique in the marketplace and we have taken a giant step towards achieving our vision of enhancing financial lives through the distribution of health improvement products.”

According to Nathan Dickerson, Xalles Holdings Chief Marketing Officer, the program is a game changer for the eCommerce and Networking industries.

“We have an asset in publicly traded stock that has the potential to appreciate, which is the exact opposite of the way most rewards and loyalty programs work. It also creates a new direct incentive for affiliates to work hard to increase the value of their equity in our company,” he added.

Xalles Holdings will continue to strive to offer new marketing and financial solutions and management support to its wholly owned subsidiary companies as part of its business accelerator program.

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