Xapo Wallet Says Time To Convert BTC To BCH (Bitcoin To Bitcoin Cash)

You have probably been wondering what to do using all the BCH (Bitcoin Cash) that were created following the previous Bitcoin fork of August 1st.

Before we go into how you can exchange your Bitcoin Cash into Bitcoins, let’s take a step back. This fork marked the arrival of a brand new digital asset referred to as “Bitcoin Cash“. Bitcoin Cash represents a divergence in opinion of the future of Bitcoin, which was largely determined by the miners and large-scale investors who determine the price and direction of the currency.

Back to what you could do using the BCH created on your BCH Wallet. Some services such as Xapo have made it simple and convenient for their customers to convert BCH into BTC. As a consequence, now you can convert the entire balance of your BCH Wallet for a BTC Wallet with no more than 1 transaction and one click away. Bear in mind that the corporation won't encourage BCH following December 14th and you'll only have the ability to convert the whole balance of your BCH into BTC before that date.

If you'd like to maintain your BCH you won't Be able to do this using some online services. However, you can draw the entire balance of BCH and send it to some legitimate outside BCH account prior to December 14th.

Whether you convert right now and maintain your BCH as BTC or you decide you draw them at a later date, December 14th is the deadline. Users are encouraged to act quickly lest they miss out on the opportunity to transfer their BCH into BTC. The good news is that there is no shortage of online platforms that customers take can advantage of, with many offering low fees as an incentive for their users.

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