XATRA is another of the new generation cryptocurrencies leading the way in the financial revolution happening all over the world. The platform is simple to use, invest, hold, grow and that is it to start making money with XATRA.

What Is Xatra Coin?

2017 looked to be the new year for growth when it came to cryptocurrency. The price of BTC went from 972.56 on 1/01/2017 to a price of $15,535.68 on 01/01/2018. That is a massive climb of 1,596%. And that is only bitcoin, Ethereum had a price climb from $8.26 to $767.49 resulting in a climb of $9,921% and XRP or Ripple when from $0.0065 in price to $1.88 per token. Lastly was Litecoin, which went from $4.33 per coin to $229.03 per coin for a climb of 5,289%.

Xatra offers users some benefits that are very attractive:

  • Low transfer and transaction fees.
  • Lightning fast transactions. Privacy: The coin is a completely anonymous token based on the Zerocoin protocol.
  • Simple to earn rewards through the PoS and PoW system.
  • Easy to use, simple wallets available on multiple platforms like web/mobile/desktop.

Xatra Coin XTR Token ICO Details

The ICO for the token is live right now, and by investing early on you get a 40% discount, meaning you can buy tokens right now for $0.6 USD each. There are already 3062 registered members on the platform.

The ICO may be in the third round and coming to a close, but there is still time to make a great investment with the company. You can join the ICO at the company website and also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, BitCoinTalk, Discord and GitHub. As of now, 922,676 tokens have been sold with the goal being 1,000,000. And you can join the ICO right now at the website, there is also a live chat if you have questions.

As for the ICO, it started on 01/03/2018 at 12:00pm GMT and ends on 30/04/2018. There are seven rounds in total and it is currently in round e, with the last round putting the price per token at $1.00 each and holding no discount percentage.

The Xatra Ecosystem is extremely important to the coin being accepted and sustainable. For the company to achieve the goal of becoming a successfully created decentralized network, Xatra must stay committed to the further development of the community and ecosystem.

Future Xatra Coin Products And Tools

They are also in the process of providing some of the most unique, mature tools for development. And aiming to improve how documents, education and training commence in the cryptocurrency world. They also want to be able to provide users of the system with full financial support when needed. The company is in the process of connecting to parties allowing users to use them and pay for them anonymously.

Some of the management and investment firms connected in the system are already interested in working with Xatra, and that is because the unique features it has along with the massive growth potential seen with the system. And that means Xatra will also be used to accessing multiple platforms for the purpose of investing. The users of the platform will also be able to invest and earn profits viathe Xatra Coin.

Xatra Coin Conclusion

If you’re looking for a stable platform for investing, holding and growing – as well as being able to participate in a community of other cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Xatra is ideal for you. The platform has some very interesting options available for anyone looking to invest. Whether you’re looking for long term or short term, the XATRA is ideal because of it’s flexible nature and different opportunities to make money.

The only thing about the platform that raises doubt or suspicion is the lack of transparency with the team, and company headquarter location. As soon as you can verify who the team is and where they are located, I would say go ahead and invest with the company. Before that, I would avoid investing with the company, as finding out who they are should be a simple enough task for anyone. In all reality, it shouldn’t just be easy – it should be something XATRA already provides on the website.

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