Imagine if millions of people co-operating and competing in virtual realities that are decentralized and serverless. Xaya previously referred to as Chimaera is a blockchain platform whose vision is to manage the increasingly appealing and complex gaming world, as well as securing and simplifying the sharing, ownership, and trading of the virtual assets.

The XAYA Solution

The Xaya platform will achieve this through the democratization of game deployment and development, hence allowing developers to bring on board their vision. It intends to provide a wide variety of tools and a state of the art infrastructure to be used by game developers as a way of helping them build their games based on the blockchain.

The developers can additionally leverage the Xaya technology to produce their game currency that can be traded by Xaya tokens. Besides, the developers can create decentralized and autonomous games where players can be guaranteed 100% uptime and enjoy fair play accompanied by true ownership.

XAYA Features

The Xaya cryptocurrency is based on blockchain technology secured by proof of work (Pow)

Developers can adopt a new game currency which will be traded by CHI coins and other game coins and assets.

With all these in mind, Xaya aims to:

With several developers and gamers joining this cryptocurrency platform, the value of XAYA in the economy is expected to shoot up.

How XAYA Blockchain Gaming, Wallet & Asset Manager Works

Since the platform is based on the blockchain, XAYA can leverage the intellectual property and experience gained from other cryptos. The project's success is also attributed to the addition of new technologies in the platform. Such technology includes:

Atomic Transactions

This technique allows trustless trading of game items. This aims at thriving the economy and increasing the demand for CHI tokens.

Game Channels

This is an extension to the payment means in bitcoin that will help in scaling XAYA to large global size.

Ephemeral Timestamps

Sometimes disputes arise in the game channel that is only solved by transactions on the blockchain. The XAYA team has developed a protocol that ensures that the transaction fees cannot be lost for an honest participant.

Ephemeral timestamps will play in the worst-case reward honest and winning players that may be facing disturbance from a potential losing game player.


The monetization of games with XAYA is easier compared to traditional methods. Monetization will hence be achieved by:

  • Taking a percentage of human mined coins to the developer.
  • Free subscription
  • Selling of consumable products and services by the in-game stores.

XAYA Ecosystem And Revenue

XAYA intends to build an ecosystem that has several streams for revenue. The ecosystem will embrace a holistic approach incorporating all human behavior aspects.

XAYA CHI Token & ICO Details

CHI is the reserve currency within the XAYA platform. It will be used in doing all transactions.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker: CHI
  • Price: 1 CHI = 0.000020 BTC
  • Accepting: BTC, ETC
  • Soft cap: 250 BTC
  • Hard cap: 1050 BTC
  • Country: Malta
  • Restricted: USA

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