Xaya Decentralized Blockchain Gaming Platform Picks Liquid Exchange To Host ICO Token Sale

Technology is fast changing the way people view games today. There have been rapid improvements in the area of hardware, coding languages designed to suit high end graphics, development of various gaming engines, faster connectivity, cheaper devices and consistent increase in interest from existing and new players around the world. All this is constantly pushing this industry forward.

The gaming industry is expected to grow to a massive $180 billion USD by the year 2021. This growth makes it among the fastest growing technology industries. This sectors growth is highly dependent on the developer’s efforts to keep the interests and satisfy the needs of gaming enthusiasts around the world. The gaming industry, in order to deliver the next generation gaming experience has gone ahead to adopt the blockchain technology. This technology brings about efficiency, speed and reduces the costs of operations.

XAYA, The Leader

XAYA comes from the same developers that designed Huntercoin, dubbed as the first true blockchain game. Huntercoin, created in 2013 was a successful gaming experiment. It enabled players to compete for scarce resources by engaging in one-on-one battles. The coins won and collected in these battles were actual tokens. This game was so successful that it remains active four years after it was released in February 2014.

The team that is working on XAYA want something more than just one game. They have envisioned to leverage the power of the blockchain in gaming to design an even better product. XAYA becomes the latest product that will give both players and game developers a custom blockchain. it comes with some special features that will allow it to cater to particular gaming environment:

Gaming Channels:

This is a modified version of the existing payment technologies for gaming. The channels enable multiple game moves per second thus able to support various players simultaneously online.

Ephemeral Timestamps:

Proper timestamping of various players’ moves makes cheating within the platform very difficult if at all possible.

Atomic Trading:

This feature works the same way as Atomic Swaps. It allows users within the platform to trade and exchange different virtual assets in the game’s ecosystem.

Language Independent:

Developers are free to use a language of their choice to develop their games and simply publish them on the network.

Exclusively on liquid

XAYA plans to hold its token generation event (TGE) via Liquid platform. Liquid comprises of Qryptos and Quoinex exchanges. It offers one of the best exchange rates and has high liquidity level thanks to its access to 17 major digital currencies exchanges globally. The platform supports other developers to launch their TGE with XAYA being the first.

Liquid has already established it self as a market leader considering its combined trade of more than $200 million USD daily from all of its parent exchanges. XAYA positions itself on a very lucrative platform as it will get exposure to thousand of potential investors on Liquid.

XAYA Tokenomics

XAYA token generation event of its native token CHI will be live on the liquid platform allowing potential investors to get it for 0.00002 BTC. Participants will go through a mandatory KYC to join the event. The first four million of the 115 million CHI available in this event will have a 15% bonus. All tokens not distributed by the time the event is ending will be destroyed to prevent unwanted changes in value.

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