XBrick ICO

The rapidly rising prices and the growing influences of cryptocurrencies prompted many exchanges to be set up over night. However, they have many structural deficiencies and operational problems. These deficiencies can be demonstrated by a number of exchanges included in securities risks, insufficient trading market depth, poor trading systems, low functional order matching engines, poor service, poor user experiences and unsophisticated functionality.

XBrick is taking over the market by eliminating all these flaws.

About XBrick

XBrick is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy and sell digital currencies. Based in Sydney and owned by Blockchain technology company X Blockchain Pvt Ltd, XBrick aims to offer fast and convenient access to Bitcoin, Ethereum and several other cryptocurrencies.

Some of the technical aspects of XBrick are listed below:

  • Atomic multi-cast to solve the matching engine order reliable multi-cast and the overall ordering.
  • Flowline matching technology based on the unlocked order sequence queue to provide fast order matching.
  • Asynchronisation lasting consistency technology to realise the interaction with the database.
  • Failover technology to monitor the matching engine group status and to ensure the system fault tolerance capability.
  • Progress tracking technology to recover the faulty engine or to add new matching engines.

Advantages of Using XBrick

  • Experienced Team: Core members of the company had held senior positions at various Australian Securities Exchange listed entities like Australian boutique family offices, Goldman Sachs and other reputable organisations. The have strong corporate management skills honed in global investment banking and capital management.
  • Advanced Technology: XBrick has been developed independently by its technical team who have extensive experience in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. XBrick provides safe, stable and convenient global cryptocurrency exchange services. Their high performance system has been developed by their technical team who are one of the best system designers in the world.
  • Legal Advice: Dentos are XBrick’s primary advisors and they are one of the world’s largest and most trusted law firms.
  • Transfer Limits: There are no transfer limits on XBrick’s website.

Features of XBrick

  • SSL Encryption: SSL encryption ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. They use state-of-the-art bank standard security measures to protect user information.
  • Cold/Hot Wallets' Insulation: Hot wallets are like checking accounts while cold wallets are similar to savings account. To strengthen the security of their cryptocurrency storage, they strictly partition cold wallets from hot wallets.
  • GSLB Distributed Server Clusters: Their distributed cluster servers provide 24/7 secure trading.
  • High Performance: With a processing speed of over 2 million orders per second, their platform engine employs memory matching at an incredible fast rate.

About XBrick Coin(XBC)

XBrick is issuing a billion exchanged based tokens. They are a blockchain token based on Ethereum’s ERC20 system standard. 50% of the billion tokens will be reserved for token sale, 30% is exchange reserve and founding team incentives, 15% will be distributed in angel level pre orders and 5% will be reserved for advisory team and promotional incentives.

Fund utilization will be done as follows:

  • 45% will be utilized for the ongoing technical development for the new public blockchain for XBC. They will add new features and increased safety for the users.
  • 25% goes in the local and global promotions.
  • 15% is used in operational costs for team expansion and legal services.
  • 15 % is the reserve for unexpected events and variations on new plans.

Accepted tokens for the ICO will be ETH, BTX and EOS. Current price for 10,000 XBX is 1 ETH, however, it can change before the token sale goes live.

XBrick ICO Conclusion

XBrick is one of the best user friendly crypto exchanges out there with amazing customer support. You can find out more about the website and their token on their website https://xbrick.io/ .

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