Do you know how to make the best investments using cryptocurrency? Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are very popular these days and they are a very interesting way to invest. But there are so many companies that sometimes it can very daunting to decide which ones are the best investments for you.

How to decide? You have to know these companies very well to make investments that will really pay. To help in this difficult task, our blog reviews promising ICOs so our readers can know the best options they have when investing in new ICOs.

What is xCHAINge?

xCHAINge is a wallet for cryptocurrencies, but what does this company offers that set it apart from the other companies? This company believes that many people have not already started to use cryptocurrency because they don’t see many easy and safe options to store their coins.

Centralized solutions, they say, generally require lengthy verification methods and can be very risky because they are centralized. They are vulnerable to hacking, which can be a problem for its users. What people really need are decentralized solutions that will offer its users the efficiency and the anonymity they want.

The main goals of the company are to provide fast services that can be completely trustworthy and cheap for the users.

The xCHAINge solution is to launch a decentralized wallet app that can be used both in desktops (Windows, Mac Os X) and mobile platforms (Android, iOS).

How Does xCHAINge Work?

xCHAINge will work using a decentralized blockchain network and Proof-of-Snitch protocol. To use the platform users will only need a valid email and registration in the system. It will be a USER- friendly platform concerned with the user interface, simplicity and efficiency.

The exchanges of money will be completely decentralized with the minimum exchange rates available and diminished risks because they can’t be hacked. You don’t pay anything to the company for the transactions, only to the arbiters that set their own price, so you can always be sure that there will be fair competition.

Another important feature is the anonymity. Nobody needs to know who you are. The service provides complete secrecy and does not ask for information on registration.

The app will be launched during the first quarter of 2018 and it will be updates with new features during the year.

How to Invest in xCHAINge?

To invest in this company, you will have to buy their XCH tokens. You will be able to acquire them during the upcoming sale. The sale will be held from December 5 to December 30 and it will have a hard cap of 20 million XCH tokens.

To buy the XCH tokens, you will need Ethereum. If you only have cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin available, it is advised that you change them first. The price of the tokens will follow a formula called the Dutch auction model. Unlike other ICOs, in which the price keeps rising, in this ICO you can buy anytime and the price will decrease with time if more people acquire the product.

This way, it does not really matter when do you buy your tokens. Their final price will be decided at the end of the ICO. You will pay a quantity of ETH and only receive a certain number of tokens after the sale.

The ETH will be used in investments to upgrade the platform and get it ready for launch.

xCHAINge Verdict

Is it a good idea to invest in this company? There’s no sign that xCHAINge is a scam or that your investment can be bad, so this means that there no apparent red flags about this company. Their directors seem experienced and the product seems to have some quality. Because of this, this is far from being a bad investment of your money.

It might not be a stellar investment, but investing xCHAINge seems safe enough for you to do it without having any kind of problem later, so feel free to invest in this company.

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