Many investors are considering digital currencies as a viable investment option. However, the crypto asset market that is characterized by volatility in the short term can be a deterrent for investors. Crypto industry is also vulnerable to external influences including hacking, movement of other currencies and government regulations. These challenges leave investors in a dilemma on whether to invest or not to invest due to the potential for huge losses and profits in the market.

What Is XchangeRate?

XchangeRate presents a solution to these challenges by the development of a robot or an intelligent algorithm that will assist investors in navigating through the complex cryptocurrency market. The robot will help them make expert decisions on a convenient and single platform.

The data pipelines from APIs and plugins combine with relevant and unique metrics to detect the attitudes of the market. Investors then set the sell and buy parameters and choose to make automatic or manual trades. Users will no longer make decisions themselves or separately track currencies and trends. The robot on the platform helps users in making intelligent decisions so that traders can trade in popular currencies anytime and every time based on set criteria and good data analysis that is enabled by the XchangeRate robot. NXchangeRate is the first augmented intelligence platform SaaS app that brings intelligently analyzed data to the trader using automation and decentralized strategy sharing.

How XchangeRate Bitcoin Robot Trading Profits Works

The coin monitoring board which is a dashboard that tabulates the analyzed data from various sources and displays it in a way that the trader can understand.

The automation robot is where strategy settings can be issued to the robot to enable automation of trades using secret keys and API.

The MVP does not require username, password, secret key or API. However, it uses preset to filter markets with price actions.

The marketplace is the data hub where performances, users, and strategy are tabulated for those users who would want to adopt a certain strategy or for those who want to implement others strategies in exchange for coins.

XchangeRate Features

Powerful Preset Filters

The XchangeRate platform is designed by traders for traders. The filter settings that are automatic also have a preset strategy that needs minimal effort.

Cross-Functional Strategy Approach

The platform parses through the metric characteristics of coins in the exchange, loops through the strategy filter for entry signals rating them on a scale of preference, and fires a trigger through qualifying positions, loops the criteria by means of automation on entry and exits in round and circles.

Implementation Proofing

The XchangeRate platform has the tools to test strategies sand filters with real market conditions and tests the strategy results.

XchangeRate XXR Token ICO Details

The XRR coin will be used as the utility token and will be used to transact on the XchangeRate in two ways. Firstly, in the subscription charge model where users can make a minimum monthly payment to access the platform. Secondly, there is the strategy-rating marketplace where the users of the platform can check the success rates of different strategies and the token costs attached by the initiators. The minimum investment of the XRR token in the ICO is 1000 XRR for 0.1ETH or 0.01 BTC.

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