It is undeniably evident that the world of digital advertising is murky at its best and fraudulent at its worst. Apart from the ad spending, the industry is potentially aligned to only accommodate monopolistic characteristics with Google, YouTube, and Facebook reigning supreme.

However, for the advertiser, publishers, and consumers, the use of blockchain technology is bringing unprecedented transparency and legitimacy into the digital advertising supply chain. Here's one example of how blockchain could help overcome the limitations facing our digital advertising industry

What Is XCHNG?

XCHNG is a digital advertising ecosystem based on the blockchain and working under a unified and open protocol-based market framework to allow for the buying and selling of media ads. The blockchain-based ad platform aims to become the nexus of buying and selling of media by enabling a stable system of records to indicate and verify the whole process of an advertising campaign. With the help of blockchain, XCHNG hopes to enumerate the advertising process from the publishing to the final attribution for the ad campaigns

XCHNG Features

As a game-changing ad platform, XCHNG hopes to incorporate the following function under its decentralized platform.

  • An open-access protocol to allow full participant access and license to XCHNG
  • Marketplace protocols that will enable trading, and settlement of ad-based smart contracts related to media
  • A unified ledger structure to support effective recordkeeping of events and advertising actions such as clicks, and impressions
  • No transaction fees outside of the standard operating costs of the XCHNG advertising network

How XCHNG Kochava's Digital Advertising Blockchain Works

The XCHNG platform will form a framework to encompass all parties with the digital advertising sector. Under their platform, users will get to create a myriad of protocols to use in building marketing tools, arbitrage tools, and other industry benchmark tools, which will go into use in Google, Facebook and XCHNG open market for media. The availability of these tools will enable the publishers or advertisers to

  • Directly transact through a Smart contract insertion order
  • Match and activate audiences to their ads
  • Record and analyze the progress of the ad participants
  • Seek for the ads status and security through the token framework

XCHNG Benefits

  • XCHNG provides for a streamlined advertising process that is efficient regarding ads targeting and protection
  • The use of blockchain technology can help address the constant issues relating to data management in the digital advertising industry
  • `The blockchain-based XCHNG enables a better ROI for advertisers in their audience targeting and engagement
  • XCHNG also eliminate the need for intermediaries within advertising allowing the advertisers to buy and sell ads at a cheaper rate
  • XCHNG will eliminate ad fraud which arguably a significant concern for advertisers

XCHNG Token ICO Details

Pre-Sale date; May 25, 2018, till June 25, 2018

Token Details

  • Token symbol- XCHNG
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Supply- 5,000,000,000 XCHNG
  • Available for sale- 2,000,000,000 XCHNG

XCHNG Conclusion

The concept of utilizing blockchain-based technology for digital advertising could efficiently automate the delivery and payment of ads. Ultimately the idea is very much appealing judging from our existing advertising challenges. However, a venture such as XCHNG still face a significant challenge regarding adoption or getting to start. To just put it, it would take a considerable shift before the digital advertising players to truly embrace blockchain solutions en mass.

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