Xenia: The Platform That Wants To Open Up Cryptocurrency Investment To The Masses

When Bitcoin was first mined in 2009, only a few people seemed to care. Today, there are millions of people who own crypto coins, cumulatively worth over $400 billion. The main difference between crypto and fiat is that crypto does not require any central authority.

What Is XeniaCoin?

The Xeniacoin is a digital coin that is asset-backed. It has been designed to offer a safer and accessible gateway to investing in the world of crypto. The Xeniacoin will be the main digital coin utilized on SIX38PPN. The SIX38PPN is a platform that will be used for crowdfunding. African entrepreneurs will get funding for projects by pitching their idea to the team of professionals behind the platform.

XeniaCoin Six38Peer2Peer Lending Coin Network Advantages

Xeniacoin will be the main digital token utilized on the SIX38PPN platform. When you invest in the coin, it will be backed by three main investments on the platform. This will make it possible to hold onto coins long term. You will have confidence that the short-term fluctuations will be offset by the rise of the value of the assets backing them. Thus, when you invest in the Xeniacoin, you will get these advantages:

    • A currency immune to the volatility of the digital coin market
    • An asset-backed cryptocoin with a guarantee of high ROI and stability
    • An opportunity to diversify your portfolio
    • Reduced risk in an uncharted market

The Xeniacoin Wallet

Besides being designed as a coin that offers a stable investment outlook, the wallet will make it easy to access holdings. It will offer a route to a coin exchange with a high degree of liquidity. The coin is designed for investors with limited experience in the crypto world to benefit from it. Besides the wallet, the developers are working on a card.

The XeniaCoin Card

This card will work in a similar manner to a debit card. Although it is still in development, there is also an ATM. One of the major hindrances to crypto is the inability to convert digital coins into fiat.

This is especially so for those in Africa. To bridge this gap, the developers of this project signed an NDA with a Visa card issuer in Africa. This issuer will cover Africans and comply with all Visa policies. This will ensure that the integrity and safety of the payment system via Visa prepaid cards in Africa. The card will be used anywhere Visa or Mastercard cards are accepted in Africa.

XeniaCoin ATMs

It is expected that ATMs are going to become quite popular. It is forecasted that ATM withdrawals will continue growing in coming years. By 2020, the ATM market is expected to hit 21.9 billion USD.

Xenia will set up their own ATMs to ensure users can perform financial transactions without a need to convert. This will also ensure Xenia coin investors have another revenue stream on which to back their digital coin.

XeniaCoin XEN Token ICO Details

  • Total supply of tokens: 200,000,000
  • ICO token allocation: 50,000,000
  • Currency accepted: ETH, BTC, EUR, ZAR, NGN, GSH, and USD
  • KYC/AML: Yes
  • The ICO is live and will end in about 13 days.

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