Initial coin offerings are currently saturating the crypto ecosystem, and are providing innovative and disruptive platforms with the capital they need to launch. There are many initial coin offerings about to launch in the last quarter of 2017, addressing key issues in a wide range of industries.

Crypto has the potential to disrupt virtually any industry that uses regular transactions between users and providers as part of their operational architecture. One industry that is prime for disruption through the benefits cryptocurrencies offer is the gaming sector, which typically involves millions of microtransactions on a daily basis.

A promising new blockchain-based platform is in the first round of a lengthy ICO process, and aims to revolutionize the gaming sector. Xenio is a peer-to-peer network that operates on the blockchain, aiming to revolutionize the way peer to peer interactions and transactions occur in the gaming ecosystem.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Xenio platform and find out what it plans to offer, as well as break down the specifics of the Xenio ICO to help you determine whether it’s worth supporting.

What is Xenio?

The Xeno peer to peer network is a promising blockchain based platform that aims to provide the gaming community with real-time video streaming, chat, and distributed encrypted storage. The core of the Xenio platform is a peer-to-peer mesh network that provides users with a Xenio client, allowing them to access the services Xenio provides.

The blockchain technology upon which Xenio operates is optimized for gaming, and incorporates a range of powerful and dynamic contract-based features that allow both game servers and game creators to provide a high quality gaming experience.

The Xenio network operates with the advantage that it has been purpose built from day one with gaming functionality in mind. There are a number of other gaming-based blockchain solutions in existence, but most use ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network.

Xenio, on the other hand, uses a purpose-built blockchain architecture that uses a unique “Proof of Networking” consensus protocol that combines both Proof of Stake and Proof of Authority to create a method that provides network peers with rewards for providing services to other peers.

The Xenio blockchain platform can even be used to deliver cloud computing solutions or enable the on-chain tokenization of in-game assets, delivering powerful monetization and trading functionality.

The Xenio ICO

The Xenio ICO is currently underway, with the round one currently offering 10,000,000 XNO tokens- the native crypto token of the platform- at $1.50 per token. Round two will launch soon, releasing a further 10,000,000 XNO at $2.50 per token. Round three will release 20,000,000 XNO at $4.00 per token, with a final fourth round releasing 20,000,000 XNO at $5.00 per token.

The Xenio Verdict

The Xenio platform is a wholly unique approach to applying blockchain technology to the gaming ecosystem, and is backed up by richly featured, robust technology. If you’re looking for the next generation of blockchain gaming tech, Xenio is worth investing in.


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