There are a lot of cryptocurrencies that seem to be flooding the market these days. It would seem that our everyday dollar and coin system are becoming obsolete and the new currency will be completely digital. That is why there are so many different crypto or digital currencies online today.

The newest cryptocurrency is XenixCoin. The site states how it is very similar to Bitcoin. XenixCoin is to be used as a digital currency in which two parties can conduct a safe and private transaction. The idea is to use XenixCoin in place of Bitcoin.

According to the site, the XenixCoin is far more stable than other digital currencies. The site boasts how XenixCoin comes with a lower risk because it isn't influenced by outside transactions or forces. XenixCoin is not dependent on one market or another, therefore, cannot be swayed by any outside influences.

One of the many benefits to using XenixCoin is that each transaction is guaranteed the maximum level of privacy. When you use XenixCoin to make a payment, the payment cannot be traced. Plus you will find that XenixCoin cannot be reversed once a transaction has been made.

XenixCoin seems to have a lot going for it, however, is it the best cryptocurrency? What makes XenixCoin so different from the other digital currencies online today? To answer these questions you need to take a look at the company.

What Is XenixCoin?

According to Who.is, the site XenixCoin.com was registered on October 11, 2016, and updated on April 24, 2017. The registered owner is listed as Louis Hutchinson from Manchester, Great Britain.

When looking into the background of Louis Hutchinson, there isn't much to be found. You can, however, find XenixCoin listed on all major social media sites. At the bottom of their homepage, you will find links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Each of these social media accounts is very careful as to not mention any names.

When you first go to the site, however, there is a popup message. This message is apparently from the Founder Augustine Benedict. What is interesting is that there is no evidence of who Mr. Benedict is or where he is from.

It would seem as if both Mr. Benedict and Ms. Hutchinson are fictional characters for the sake of putting a name with the company.

XenixCoin Products

XenixCoin doesn't offer any retail products or services. The coins are completely digital and have no bearing outside the site. The only thing a member can do is promote the money making opportunity with XenixCoin.

XenixCoin Opportunity

XenixCoin is a digital mining company that has created their own digital currency. According to the site, XenixCoin compares with Bitcoin only XenixCoin operates with a very complex blockchain and that it's not only used for moving or validating money.

To get started with XenixCoin, you have the option of six different packages to invest in. The first package is the “Basic” which requires you to invest a minimum of $100. Next, you have the “Standard” package that is listed for $1,000.

Then you have the “Enterprise” that requires an investment of $3,000. The fifth package is the “Essentials” which runs you a minimum of $6,000. Then there is the “Business Pro” which costs $12,000. Lastly, you have the “Premier” for $25,000.

Each package plan has an earning cap. So depending on which package plan you picked, determines the amount of money you will receive. For the Basic, you are looking at earning around $500. The Standard package is capped at $1,000. The Enterprise allows you to withdraw $4,000. Essentials cap is $6,000.

Then you have the Business Pro which you can earn $8,000. Finally, the Premier allows you to make $10,000. Investing is one way to make money with XenixCoin.

The second way for you to make money is to recruit people to sign up for one of these six packages. Once they sign up, you earn 10% commission.

Another way for you to earn is through XenixCoin “Matching Bonus”. This is where XenixCoin turns into a matrix system and you have to build a downline in order to get paid.

XenixCoin Verdict

When looking at this site it would seem that they have their ducks in a row. There are several different ways for you to make money. However, there are a few red flags that pop up when looking over the site that you need to be aware of.

The first red flag that comes up is the identity of the site owner. With no names to go with the site, it is difficult to trust XenixCoin. Usually, when a site hides the owner's identity there is something going on behind the scenes.

The second red flag that comes up is the usefulness of XenixCoins. The site states very clearly that these coins have no use outside of the site. Unlike Bitcoin where it seems to be everywhere, XenixCoins only remain on the XenixCoins site.  The site states how once payment is sent, there is no getting the money back.

This can cause issues, especially with buyer’s remorse. It would seem that XenixCoin doesn’t want to work in favor of the buyer and only in favor of the seller. After all, once the buyer hands over the money, the seller doesn’t have to give it back.

All in all, the coins seem like they are trying to compete with Bitcoin, but they just aren’t there yet. If you are interested in investing with this company, you might want to stick to the cheapest package to be on the safe side.

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