The real estate industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Land and properties have been appreciating in value steadily over the past several years, and this trend is expected to hold for the foreseeable future.

In Australia, for instance, land and property rank among the most valuable assets. However, the real estate industry seems to be exclusive to a few investors with enough know-how and financial resources to venture into the market. Interestingly (and worryingly), only 7.9% of Australians own investment property in the country according to OnProperty. One platform, however, is seeking to change this by making it easier for Australians to invest in real estate.

Xentra – Overcoming Hurdles to Investment

There are several hurdles that stand in the way between Australians and property investments. Xentra provides a solution for each problem including:

Initial entry

Most people don’t know where to start when seeking to venture into the property investments market. Some of the hurdles here include lack of emerging information on lucrative investments and lack of legal know-how, among others. Xentra solves this by taking care of every aspect of initial entry including research, analysis, legal consultancy, and so much more.


Property investments may be lucrative, but investors face the challenge of lack of liquidity sometimes when they need quick cash. One is often forced to either sell or refinance, both of which may not be worth it. However, by leveraging Blockchain technology, Xentra users can withdraw any amount of cash whenever they need to.


Property investments may rank among the soundest investments, but there are many risks involved. That is why smart investors diversify their portfolios to include a wide range of properties so that any potential risks may be absorbed. Considering that Xentra will be controlling a huge portfolio of investments, members will be protected from potential risks and take advantage of all available opportunities.

Leveraging Blockchain Technology

Xentra is unique because it is the only company of its kind to adopt Blockchain technology in its bid to venture into the property investments market. The platform plans to sell Xentra tokens for established cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Xentra then invests this money into property market across a wide range of different types of properties. The platform uses Blockchain technology for record-keeping and revenue sharing.

Pre-ICO & Xentra Token Milestones Details

Date To Be Confirmed
 – 10,000,000 Tokens Available 
18% BONUS Tokens

Date To Be Confirmed
 – 15,000,000 Tokens Available
 12.5%-4% BONUS Tokens

Date To Be Confirmed – 
10,000,000 Tokens Available
 0% BONUS Tokens

Xentra has not yet determined when it will be launching its pre-ICO, ICO, and public offering sales. However, it has announced that it will be releasing a total of 35 million tokens for sale during all three launches. Preparations will continue when enough funds have been raised.

Money-Making Opportunities

So, how can you take advantage of the numerous money-making opportunities in the property investments market using Xentra? Xentra says that it is easier than when making your investments directly.

Xentra Token shareholders will have a stake in the investment properties which each person’s stake will be determined by the amount invested. Xentra then rewards its clients by distributing rental income. Alternatively, investors can benefit by staying in properties owned or operated by Xentra. What’s more, Xentra will eventually become established enough for holders to exchange it for other tokens, cryptocurrencies, and even fiat currency.


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