What Is XMaterials?

XMaterials is a platform that provides AI-generated recipes, machine learning technology, and materials for the future. With patent-pending, AI-generated recipes, and machine-learning robots, the platform has managed to create the next generation of building materials.

The platform produces AI-made and machine produced materials. Importantly, XMaterials seeks to share its products with the world through their technology franchise model. The team behind XMaterials is inspired by the fact that the concrete, ceramics, marble, and granite industries combined rake in almost $600 billion annually. The platform seeks to disrupt these industries.

XMaterials Features

AI-Generated Recipes:

The DigiLab, which is the company’s AI-based software, aggregates millions of combinations of building materials to discover the optimal combinations of ultra-high-density materials to suit any construction need. With the geo-location technology, the platform even finds for their clients the best combinations of raw materials available.

Machine-Learning Production:

The platform uses HyperCon, a machine-learning that fully automates the entire production line process of mixing, casting, drying, final control, and packing products.

Importantly, by using machine-learning, the AI analyzes the product yield and actually improves itself accordingly. With a team of five workers, HyperCon achieves what a traditional cement company would require a team of more than 30 trained workers and engineers to achieve.

Environmentally Sustainable:

All of the products produced by XMaterials are 99% natural ingredients. That implies that all the products are recyclable. Many of the building materials produced use high quantities of recycled materials or even waste materials as the initial ingredients. Besides, the energy cost for production is drastically reduced—more than five times lower compared to ceramic.

A Franchise Model For Success:

XMaterials grants franchisees access to their suite of XMaterials technologies (DigiLab pro, HyperCon, and the Blueprint. This happens on-site or via remote implementation. In the end, token holders will have the ability to produce all of the same materials available at XMaterials to revolutionize their product lines and turnaround times.

XMaterials Materials Better Than Concrete, Ceramic, Marble & Granite

Simply put, the materials are:

  • Stronger—compression strength 4x higher than traditional concrete
  • Longer lasting—at least 50-year guarantee lifetime
  • Faster—production speed is faster—in fact, 4x faster compared to traditional materials
  • More affordable—a half or a third the cost of traditional building systems and labor costs

It’s also important to note that the materials have excellent temperature resistance, water absorption, and countless other strengths compared to traditional concrete, granite, marble, and ceramics.

XMaterials will dedicate up to 15 percent of the net profits to direct distribution to token holders, based off the percentage ownership in the overall token supply.

Technology Employed By XMaterials

XMaterials embraces the following three elements of technology:

  • DigiLab—an open source, AI-software that uses algorithms to determine the optimal recipes of mixing the materials.
  • HyperCon—a machine learning software that runs the smart machines needed to mix, cast, dry, test, and pack the products.
  • Blueprint—layout and instructions for setting up facilities to produce the unique materials and products.

XMaterials XMAT Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: XMAT
  • Token Sale Date: Present – 12/23/2018
  • Token Price: $0.105
  • Accepted Payment Method: ETH
  • Total Supply: 1.4 billion
  • Token Standard: ERC20

XMaterials Conclusion

The company is already generating 2 million USD in annual revenue in their first year of business, without their franchise model in place yet. It aims to take over between 1 and 2 percent of the $600 billion industry within five years.

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