XMax Blockchain Super Node Voting Sets Record For Huobi Exchange XMax Blockchain Super Node Voting Sets Record For Huobi Exchange

XMax Gets A Record Number Of Votes By Huobi “Super Nodes”

XMax, which is one of the biggest names when it comes to the Blockchain Entertainment Development, has received a huge amount of support from the Huobi-Hadax exchange. In fact, the Huobi voting system has provided this project with up to 20 “Super Nodes”, which has never happened for any other project before.

XMax Receives A Record Amount Of Support

Adding XMax to HADAX has seen a lot of support, with the project receiving a record number of “Super Nodes” via the Huobi voting system. The number of “Super Nodes” that XMax has received is as high as 20, while the previous record was held by FTI, which only received 14 “Super Nodes”.

Huobi is China's biggest crypto exchange, and the “Super Voting Nodes” are very reputable institutions for professional investments. Their main purpose is to help HADAX when it comes to deciding which of the projects applied for listing in the exchange are a good choice. That way, only the top-quality projects will end up being added to the exchange, and the risks following the investments are significantly reduced.

What is XMax?

XMax is a project dedicated to the creation of a new blockchain system. The system is said to be very user-friendly, and would be capable of delivering high-performance service. It also has a Galax Multichain Network structure, which basically means that it will operate through the use of the main chain, with an addition of various side chains. That way, XMax will be capable of ensuring the scalability and high performance of the main chain, since it won't be carrying all the “burden”.

Instead, the main chain's job will be to manage the light transactions. This includes things like account transactions, and system contracts. More complicated aspects, like dApps and smart contracts, will be run completely by the side chains, which will allow the main chain to do its job with greater speed.

XMax system also has a new concept called the ‘Super Main Chain', and its design will allow it to support a lot of side chains, each of which will be capable of existing as a completely independent economy. Its inter-chain communication will also be of high-performance, and it will offer a functionality called plug-and-play, accompanied by the scalable structure. Finally, both the super chain, as well as the extension chains, will be able of getting upgrades from the user communities through the use of DAO.

XMax's plan is to elect around 2100 global nodes in order to support this Superchain. Each of the 100 regions will have 21 nodes selected from them, which will ensure that the Superchain gets all the support it needs.

The interest in the project has skyrocketed, and the XMax ecosystem has already published its first dApp. The app in question is called “3AM”, and it is a social media app that can be found in the App Store. XMax is planning the launch of many more dApps soon, as well as to enter a lot more partnerships.

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