XMR.to is a Monero-based payment platform that emphasizes truly anonymous payments. Read our review to learn more.

What Is XMR.to?

XMR.to is an online service that lets you make anonymous payments through the popular cryptocurrency Monero.

Basically, you send Monero to XMR.to, then the company makes a bitcoin payment in your name.

Obviously, Monero is already known as one of the most anonymous cryptocurrencies available today. While other currencies like bitcoin have made it increasingly difficult to hide payments, Monero is quickly becoming the preferred choice of the darknet and other online marketplaces where anonymity is crucial.

With XMR.to, you can add an extra layer of anonymity to your Monero transaction. You can effectively pay someone’s Bitcoin address with Monero while transferring it through a third party.

Throughout the XMR.to website, by the way, you’ll frequently see references to “Moneroj”. This isn’t a typo: it’s just a plural form of Monero used by non-English communities online. Whether you call it Monero or Moneroj, it’s all referring to the same XMR token.

How Does XMR.to Work?

Here’s the basic step by step process you can use to transfer money with XMR.to:

Step 1) Enter the bitcoin address you want to pay, then enter the amount you wish to send. Hit the “Create” button.
Step 2) XMR.to will tell you how many Monero tokens you need to send.
Step 3) Once XMR.to receives your tokens, they’ll make your requested bitcoin payment.

Basically, you send your Monero to XMR.to along with a bitcoin address. XMR.to receives the payment, then sends a corresponding amount of bitcoin to that address.

When you create an order with XMR.to, you’re creating a contract. The contract states that XMR.to will receive a specific amount of XMR.to, and will make a specific bitcoin payment on your behalf.

During the creation of the contract, be sure to take note of the order secret key given to you. that secret key is a unique identifier that’s 12 characters long and starts with xmrto. You can use this to track the order of your status later on.

Another important thing to note about XMR.to is that your order is only valid for 15 minutes. You need to send the appropriate amount of Monero to the platform within that time window, or else the order will not be processed. XMR.to only needs to see the unconfirmed transaction on the P2P network within this time window; miner confirmation can occur outside the 15 minute window.

After XMR.to receives your Monero payment, they may wait for it to be confirmed (which typically just takes a few minutes). Then, the platform will send your requested amount of bitcoin to the address of your choice.

You can view the rates upfront. The platform comes with no hidden costs. When you request an order, you’ll see a BTC/XMR exchange rate. That exchange rate has XMR.to’s fees built into it.

Ultimately, the process is fully anonymous thanks to the use of Monero. Not even XMR.to can see where your payment has come from. The Monero cannot be traced back to you. The only personal data you’re giving the platform is your IP address – which you can obfuscate using whatever method you like (XMR.to has an .onion address for Tor users, for example).

Who Created XMR.to?

There’s limited information about the developers of XMR.to available online – which is what we’d expect with an anonymous money transfer service based on the internet.

You can contact the developers by email at [email protected] The website was first launched in 2015.

XMR.to Conclusion

XMR.to is a Monero/Bitcoin exchange website that lets you anonymously transfer Monero to a bitcoin address. You send Monero to XMR.to. Then, they receive your Monero and transfer it to the bitcoin address of your choice. Within minutes, you can anonymously move your Monero to a secure bitcoin address.

Obviously, Monero is already the world’s most cryptographically-anonymous currency. XMR.to takes the anonymization a step further by placing a middle man in between your Monero and a bitcoin address.

You can launch your Monero/BTC transfer online today at XMR.to

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