About The Xred Foundation

The XRED Foundation, otherwise known as the “X Real Estate Development Project,” or simply XRED for short, claims to be the first cryptocurrency fund for real estate development and investment.

XRED focuses on the London real estate market for the time being, although the brand intends to further its reach of property portfolios across the globe. How the XRED Foundation plans to do this is through the development of organizational models based on blockchain technology.

Xred Features

XRED announced their ICO (initial coin offering) on September 8, 2017. The pre-sale for their XRED Tokens will take place between October 16th and will run until December the 15th. After the ICO has finished, the XRED Foundation will start their development in the first quarter of 2018.

The rollout process for other countries is expected to take place in the fourth quarter of 2018. The exact date and location for these new countries is yet to be announced.

Promptly And Firmly

XRED technology will allow interested parties to enter into jobs to the purchase and construction of new property projects with high speed and unsurpassed security.

Solid Developers

The technological solution of this XRED project permits removal of unnecessary chains of connections in real estate transactions, thus having a significant effect on the final value of transactions.

XRED Market

With the XRED Foundation anybody can put money into the very first cryptocurrency finance for real estate and take part in developing UK & Central London Real Estate (first step). All investors will have their own ICO-wallet and will have the ability to govern XRED tokens securely and fast. The XRED Foundation uses the Crowdfunding procedure to secure the best websites for developing projects thereby creating capital to create a gain for participants.

Xred Investing Opportunities

Investing in real estate building

The beneficiary buys XRED tokens on the open market, thereby, becoming an investor lets one profit from the fund. The finance agent for XRED structures the trade by purchasing, financing and construction of this project and enrolling the land rights for this broker. After the building of the growth and its economy, the profit received from the transaction is shared between the participants of the fund.

Purchasing XRED tokens

The beneficiary purchases XRED tokens during the pre-sale period and the ICO supposing the price of the tokens increases, then trades on the open market and any gains could be removed.

XRED Summary

In short, XRED could be a valid means for developers and investors to capitalize on the emerging ICO market and get their own share of London property. So far, the company has attracted a fair amount of traction in terms of the reviews and other positive feedback from their user base.

XRED presents a novel solution for anyone who is interested in diversifying their Bitcoin portfolio into real estate, and one will apparently see results from their efforts within a few short months of regular investment efforts.

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