Do you have a company and you are looking for a way to improve your accountability? If you have a traditional company, there is a great chance that you are going to like this new company that we will review today called Xriba.

What Is Xriba?

Xriba is the name of the company and platform created by the Digital Asset Alliance, a group created to improve the accountability and the transparency of business in the blockchain sector.

The company is a company which has developed a protocol that was made to add transparency to corporative cash flows, which can, in the long term make your company more trustworthy because it is going to take the information out of your company and put it on the blockchain.

How Does Xriba Blockchain Cryptocurrency Token Work?

To be able to provide a good service of bookkeeping, the company is using AI technology to reduce the cost and the time of organizing and classifying documents. Also, it intends to use the potential of the blockchain technology to diminish the time of the transactions between companies greatly by using decentralized methods of payment, which can be done via a decentralized wallet and coin.

Another way to make the process easier is by using scanning optical software to read documents and process invoices, as well as a “mechanical turk” system, in which a team is there to validate the documents that have been scanned by the computer. The blockchain will also be able to keep the documents so they are never lost.

By automating and optimizing the process, Xriba’s creators believe that they can automate the process while maintaining its integrity and the quality of the service that is being done. At the moment, this product is being used by more than 10,000 clients.

Xriba XRA Tokens ICO Details

The XRA tokens are utility tokens that you need if you intend to use the Xriba platform. This happens because they are the fuel that drives the platform, the method to pay for services. When the tokens are spent, they are locked for 6 months, which means that if the tokens start to use be used a lot, they will get more expensive.

This is good for investors because their price is likely to get bigger with time. During the upcoming sale, 275,500,000 XRA tokens will be sold. The soft cap will be 109,500,000 XRA tokens and the hard cap will be measured in dollars: $10,000,000 USD acquired in total.

Xriba Partners And Creators

This company was created by Gianluca Massini Rosati (CEO), Federico Pacilli (CXO) and Andrea Agnoli (CTO). Rosati is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 companies in 5 countries while Agnoli and Pacilli are experts in bookkeeping and user experience, respectively.

The company also has Antonio Di Casoli (Quantitative Trader Specialist), Claudio Tesoriero (blockchain developer), Andrea Tortorella (senior developer), Niada Argonili (PR), Clarissa Saccenti (COO) and Jackie Liew (IR) are important members of the team.

Xriba has ten advisors that are helping the company to get on its feet and start its business. These are people with more than 100 collective years of experience that are helping Xriba to find its destiny in the blockchain market. The advisors are Fabio Cannavale, Ian Morley, Stefano Tresca, Lorenzo Ait, Davide Baldi, Lee Hills, Toy Reale, Gabriele Marazzi, Behrang Khorsandian and Jeff Ward.

This start-up company is partners with Eidoo, Bitmax, ICO Engine, Baasbox and Coincrowd.

Xriba Verdict

There is a great chance that your business will improve if you decide to use the services of Xriba. Obviously, it has to be a compatible business with a lot of paperwork for the whole process to be really effective, but if that is the case, this company can offer a great solution for you and your company.

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