Ripple's Community Wants XRP Coin Base Trading Pairs on Binance Exchange

XRP Users Have Been Pushing for Adoption By Various Exchanges, and Their Sights Are Set On Binance

XRP, the token of Ripple, has been working on expansion since before it launched its platform. It was brought to mainstream media with its fast transactions and minimal fees, but the only way that it will continue to survive is with widespread adoption. While this is a subtle campaign from Ripple itself, the individuals that are clamoring together to make it a reality are the users of XRP.

These users want greater flexibility than they already have and have been urging other exchanges to start including their token. The latest exchange they have been going after has been Binance, due to their specific-use cases. Their disdain for other exchanges has come from being limited as just another digital asset on the platform such as Coinbase not listing the third biggest cryptocurrency by market cap.

It is easy to see that this token has been evolving. XRP has been established already as a base pair on the DCEX exchange, which lets consumers trade it for the equivalent amount of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. They have also managed to link up as a base pair with Bitrue, which is gradually moving into cryptocurrency itself. India-based Unodax is among the group that has added XRP as a base pair with Bitcoin and Ethereum, despite the bans being issued by the Reserve Bank of India for fiat-to-crypto trading.

With the inclusion of XRP on so many base pairs, a recent poll by Weiss Ratings showed that XRP is viewed as the most viable and used asset for investors that want to migrate between platforms. The poll showed that 78% of users were on the side of XRP, taking the majority. The more popular competition, Ethereum and Bitcoin, only ranked in at 8% and 6% of the votes, respectively.

Much of the reason that consumers seem to side with XRP has to do with the speed of using the tokens. Even the likes of American Express have started using Ripple's blockchain technology, as it only takes four seconds for the token to go from one place to another, and users have basically no fees. This is a much faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum, even though they have been in the crypto space for a substantially longer amount of time.

Based on the present progress that the XRP token has made, its loyal followers believe that it will not be much longer before additional features are added, contributing to its strength substantially. Right now, there is already a program called XRP Tip Bot, which lets users tip service industries with XRP, rather than with cash or credit cards. Bittrex also added XRP/USD base trading pairs and Bitcoin Superstore started accepting XRP payments so maybe it is only a matter of time before other exchanges follow suit.

Despite the fact that there are many XRP enthusiasts that have voiced their desires for expanding to Binance, Binance has yet to issue a statement or even reply in a comment. Right now, the only thing that XRP users can do is post their support and hope that Binance hears their demands for adoption.

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