XRPConnect is a cryptocurrency investment scheme that promises enormous ROIs for investors through a lending system. Find out if it’s a scam or a powerful opportunity today in our review.

What Is XRPConnect?

XRPConnect, found online at XRPConnect.co, is a cryptocurrency-based lending scheme centered on a token called XRPC. We’ve had Bitconnect and we’ve had Ethconnect, both of which are widely believed to be Ponzi schemes. Now, we have XRPConnect.

At first glance, XRPConnect seems to be identical to other Ponzi schemes like Bitconnect and Ethconnect. The company claims investors can expect to earn up to 45% ROI per month, for example, as well as staking rates of 10% per month.

Typically, when someone advertises returns as high as this, it means you’re being scammed. Is XRPConnect yet another cryptocurrency-based lending scam? Or is this a legitimate investment opportunity? Let’s find out how XRPConnect works.

How XRPConnect Crypto Trading & Lending Token Works

XRPConnect’s ecosystem is based around the XRPC token. There’s a total supply of just 10 million XRPC tokens. 9,650,000 tokens were sold during the ICO, which ended on January 3. The ICO sold tokens at a price of $0.10 to $0.75 per token.

After you buy XRPC tokens, you can participate in the XRPConnect decentralized lending platform. It’s not really clear how that lending platform works. Just like with Bitconnect, it’s unclear who actually takes out a loan at a 600% APR or higher, or why anyone would pay 45% per month interest rate to borrow money.

Despite the unclear business model, XRPConnect claims investors can expect to earn 45% per month returns by depositing money into this lending scheme. You give the company a bunch of money, they lock it up for a long period of time, and then you magically get more money a few months later.

The XRPC token is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. You can use Metamask and Myetherwallet to manage your tokens. However, a wallet is also available on XRPConnect.co.

XRPConnect advertises returns of 45% per month. However, the official website is advertising returns significantly higher than that: for the week of January 6 through January 10, for example, investors earned 1.61% to 1.89% per day, every day. This rate appears to be in addition to the 45% per month advertised returns.

XRPConnect Investment Packages

XRPConnect advertises five different investment packages, including all of the following:

  • $100 to $1,000: 45% per month, capital unlocked after 299 days
  • $1001 to $5000: 45% per month, 0.10% per day, capital unlocked after 239 days
  • $5001 to $10,000: 45% per month, 0.20% per day, capital unlocked after 179 days
  • $10,001 to $25,000: 45% per month, 0.25% per day, capital unlocked after 119 days
  • $25,000+: 45% per month, 0.35% per day, capital unlocked after 89 days

XRPConnect even has a profit calculator on their official website. Using that profit calculator, XRPConnect told me that I could expect a $1500 investment to turn into $11,685.45 within 239 days, earning $32.55 per day.

XRPConnect Roadmap

XRPConnect doesn’t appear to currently have any products or services in its ecosystem. The company launched its ICO in Q4 2017, long before any products had been developed.

A wallet and iOS/Android app is scheduled to be completed before March 2018. The lending platform isn’t scheduled to launch until Q2 2018. There’s limited other information listed on the XRPConnect roadmap.

However, the company does vaguely mention something about an automated trading robot that will trade your XRPC and grow its value.

Who’s Behind XRPConnect?

Notable scams like Bitconnect and Ethconnect refuse to disclose any information about their founding teams. You’d expect XRPConnect to operate in a similarly shady way – and that’s exactly what we see online.

XRPConnect’s whitepaper mentions a location in Singapore. When you look up that address (22 Sin Ming Lane #06-76), you’ll find that it’s the address for a virtual office associated with hundreds of companies online. XRPConnect isn’t actually located at that address.

XRPConnect refuses to disclose the names of anyone on its team. The company claims it was created by “early investors of Bitconnect & bankers from major financial institutions” from France and Singapore. However, we don’t have the name of any single person involved with the project. Typically, if a company has legitimate bankers involved with their project, you’d expect them to mention names.

XRPConnect Conclusion

XRPConnect held an ICO in December 2017, long before the company had released any products in its ecosystem. The company’s lending scheme has not yet been revealed, but it claims to pay investors 45% returns per month (even as high as 2% per day, most days).

XRPConnect has way too many red flags telling us it’s a scam. The company lists a virtual office as its headquarters. It refuses to disclose the names of anyone involved with the company, nor does it explain their experience managing investments for people. It also shares a similar name to one of the most notorious scams in the crypto industry: Bitconnect. The XRPConnect business model appears to be based directly off Bitconnect.

In any case, we can see no evidence that XRPConnect and its XRPC token are legitimate investment opportunities. Until the company releases more information online – or explains how its business model really works – it’s hard to see it being worth an investment.

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  1. When I visit the site I can chat with someone, Ken Brannon (I just did) . he has a linkedin profile. Of course, all of this can be fake


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