What Is XRT Cryptocurrency Token?

The XRT Coin API will make it possible for any developer to add XRT coins as a payment option. Businesses in the food and beverages sector have begun to collaborate with the XRT platform to accept XRT coins. It will be possible for customers to pay at cafes and restaurants for their services with the use of XRT coins.

XRT Security Algorithm

Engineers of the XRT platform decided to use the Ethereum smart contract because of the secure hashing algorithm that it uses. This is the algorithm used to create the XRT tokens. It comes with a digital private key signature. This ensures that instant and private transactions can take place using the XRT coins.

XRT Double Spending Proof

The double-spending proof is a solution to a potential issue with digital currencies. This is where a coin can be spent more than once. The XRT coins have been specifically designed to be immune to double spending.

Problems In The Food Sector

The food sector has numerous issues; this is especially so when it comes to paying for meals anywhere. For instance, you may fear to pay using your credit or debit card because of fear of credit card details being stolen. Besides that, credit-card affiliated payment processors, which are more secure, can be quite costly for online retailers. Besides that, there are issues of payment delays, high fees, and even lost transactions. There is also the issue of liquidity.

XRT Blockchain Food Foundation Solutions

XRT will create a coin that can be used to make payments in the food industry. It has various advantages over current methods such as:

  • More secure than debit or credit cards
  • Lower transaction fees
  • Elimination of any intermediaries
  • You do not need to share any private details

Services Offered by XRT

A Wallet

Users of the XRT coins will be eligible to receive or send their coins via the ERT wallet that will be offered on PCs, mobiles, laptops, and tablets.


Proof of stake is the use of an algorithm to achieve consensus. It is better than proof of work since it does not use as much energy.

The Airdrop

In about 13 days, an Airdrop will occur. All you have to do is register on their site. If you are among the first 8000 people, you will get 400 tokens.

XRT Cryptocurrency Token ICO Details

66 percent of the 500 million XRT coins will be distributed via four sales:

  • A presale where 1000 XRT= 1 ETH and a 50% bonus on June 1
  • ICO-I where 8000 XRT =1 ETH and a 30% bonus on July 11
  • ICO-II where 6000 XRT =1 ETH and a 15% bonus on August 1
  • ICO- III where 4000 XRT= 1 ETH and a 5% bonus on August 16 and conclude on August 30

The remaining coins will be distributed via rewards, future projects, partnerships, and much more. KYC and AML will be done after the crowdsale. Only after completion of KYC and AML will be the tokens released to the participants of the sales.

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