About Xsearch

XSEARCH is a blockchain-powered advertisement platform that seeks to transform and combat the issues that are currently impeding the growth of the product promotion industry.

The Current Situation in the Advertising Industry

In the world of online advertising, busies usually have to pay colossal amounts of money to organizers of promotional campaigns in a bid to reach the target audience. Nonetheless, these advertisements are often mashed up, and are therefore hardly noticeable to the intended groups. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the purported traffic generated by such ads is credible. Nowadays, a significant portion of the ’traffic’ consists of bots, a trend that defeats the purpose of product promotion.

Concerning offline advertising, the situation is no different. Here, the advertiser go on about their business without factoring in the end goal of the activity. Messages are placed anywhere without following any specific strategy. As a result, businesses often fail to get the desired return of investments (ROI) since most the messages reach uninterested parties.

Undoubtedly the aforementioned tactics have no benefits form a business’s perspective. Essentially, they have adverse effects on the entire chain of service value since enterprises pay enormous amounts of money to advertising giants such as Google and Facebook without getting a worthwhile result. Ultimately, companies record substantial losses ensuing from ineffective product promotion strategies.

The XSEARCH Proposed Solution

XSEARCH aims to address this menace by providing an innovative blockchain-driven platform that is free of intermediaries. Under the proposed system, transactions will be facilitated by the system itself, instead of the expensive middle-people. Therefore, businesses will directly interact with their consumers, with the possibility of presenting personalized offers.

Fundamentally, the XSEARCH ecosystem will give users control over their data and a choice on whether to reveal their personal info or identity to businesses when they are conducting market surveys.by paying consumers for viewing retailer advertisements, the XSEARCH platform will significantly promote the sharing of personal data.

Nevertheless, the sharing of private information is not mandatory, as users can always adjust their privacy preferences. XSEARCH does not therefore dish out confidential information, a practice that is prevalent amongst free service providers such as Facebook and Google.

Xsearch (XSE Token) ICO

As of now, XSEARCH has successfully undertaken the token presale event, during which the tokens were sold at a discounted price. The ICO proper is scheduled to occur before the first half of 2018 elapses, though a definite date is yet to be confirmed. However, interested individuals can subscribe to updates from the xsearch.io website. The crowdsale will last for 60 days or until the funds reach $25 million, depending on what comes faster. Token distribution will then occur within four weeks after the conclusion of the ICO.

Xsearch Roadmap

It all began in 2017, when the XSEARCH idea was born and a subsequent prototype developed. The year culminated in the development of the official website to facilitate the impending ERC20 token sale. Currently, the team is bracing for the upcoming crowdsale. Afterwards, they will embark on development of the ecosystem, including the building of smartphone apps and web browser extensions.

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