Xtock is a platform for OTC Market Finance Network operating on the blockchain. It utilizes the blockchain technology to create tokens diffuse digital information on OTC companies. Similarly, Xtock is ideal for the general management of OTC companies and corporate financial services.

As a platform, Xtock enables active participation among different participants including individuals, corporations, and institutions. This, in the end, leads to a decent OTC market.

XTOCK Network Problem Identification

Currently, much information regarding stocks is concentrated between a clique of specialized investors such as venture capitals and banks. Xtock comes in handy to bridge this gap by building a platform that will distribute tokens and systems that utilize the blockchain technology. This will enable ordinary investors to share information of “expert investors.” If you would like to know more about tokenization of unlisted stocks, then Xtock is the platform to visit.

Project Objectives

Companies that are not listed often encounter problems in financing. Such companies include potential non-tech companies and startups. However, from investment point of view, it is usually rare to find concrete information regarding OTC companies. That is where Xtock comes into play. Xtock aims to develop a transparent community in which users will be treated to a seamless flow of information. The platform will lay bare the information regarding OTC company evaluation as well as liquidation of tokenized OTC stocks with blockchain technology.

How Xtock Platform Works

Ideally, unlisted companies need to go through a corporate evaluation process first. After tokenization of OTC stocks is complete, the companies undergo a legal process and documentation. A trusted institution keeps the entire OTC stock in their vault, which means there will be no ‘partial tokenization.’ OTC trade platform is then designed as second layer protocol of Ethereum.

xtock homepage

Why Choose Xtock?

Transaction Transparency

Xtock records and manages price, contracts, and transaction history. It also provides in record time, owner’s information of the underlying assets of a company. The platform also uses smart contracts to facilitate transparent investments and perform all transactions efficiently through distributed processing. Additionally, investors will have real-time access to different viable information about companies and the market.

Re-evaluation of Corporate Values

In order to safeguard ITO participants, token holders and their assets, Xtock controls potential risks by depending on objective metrics analysis and multi-variable assessment using the XEM. With this, investors put their trust in companies and invest with them. At the same time, companies will develop a new stock investment community to aid business financing depending on this trust.

Secure Transactions

To save users from the risk of duplicate sales, Xtock implements the separation of asset and contract features of tokens. Duplicate sales are a common problem in OTC transactions and Xtock uses smart contracts facilitate secure and transparent digital trades with unlisted companies.

Additionally, the platform processes the transactions faster and with ease. Only investors who are certified, and have passed the KYC/AML certification are allowed to conduct secure transactions using the best information security technology available on the platform.

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