XTRADE, found online at XTRADE.io, is a project that aims to launch a universal low latency FIX-based API that connects multiple crypto exchanges together. Here’s our review.

What is XTRADE?

XTRADE aims to make it easier for institutional investors to invest in cryptocurrencies. To do that, XTRADE will launch a FIX API that connects to all major cryptocurrency exchanges. This will make it easier for hedge funds, institutions, and algorithmic traders to access all cryptocurrency markets by coding to just one FIX application – in one single format – with which they are already intimately familiar.

The company also plans to launch XTRADE Pro in 2018. That platform will be a multi-exchange, standalone trading platform built for active traders. It will feature things like advanced consolidated order books, hotkey order entry, and custom order types, with 24×7 uptime.

A third XTRADE product will be its Single Point of Access, or SPA, which will aggregate liquidity across exchanges. XTRADE’s SPA will be facilitated via Joint Venture (JV) partnerships with existing exchanges, helping to minimize regulatory hurdles as XTRADE will function purely as an execution technology provider.

Features and Benefits of XTRADE

XTRADE wants to make it easier for institutional investors to interact with cryptocurrency markets. Here are some of the core features and benefits of the platform:

Price Transparency:

XTRADE will aggregate prices from all exchanges in real-time. That means if Bitcoin is trading at a discount halfway across the world, traders will know.

More Liquidity:

XTRADE will allow traders to instantly access liquidity worldwide, allowing for improved arbitrage opportunities, better prices, and higher execution quality.

Private and Secure Pathways:

XTRADE will use IPsec technology and industry standard best practices for end-to-end encryption on its execution network in order to protect customer data. This system is also designed for speed – XTRADE will use private internet transatlantic fiber connections and demarcation points close to matching engines to ensure even non-collocated orders will be executed 40 to 60% faster, privately and securely.

Standard FIX Interface:

One of XTRADE’s main benefits is that traders can write to the standard XTRADE FIX API wrapper in order to access market data and executions for all exchanges. There’s no need to mess with each exchange’s proprietary API – like the random REST, Websocket, Python, or whatever implementations they’re using.

1 to 2 Millisecond Trades:

XTRADE claims users can expect to trader “100x faster” on their platform. Execution times can drop from 150 to 200 milliseconds to 1 to 2 milliseconds compared to public internet pathways. That’s because XTRADE has a point of presence in many major data centers, and they expect to expand throughout 2018.

Reduced Counterparty Risk:

XTRADE’s balances give users the benefit of worldwide price improvement and liquidity without the counterparty risk and cumbersome process of opening international accounts.

Patent Pending Technology:

XTRADE has filed a patent with the USPTO for its proprietary crypto asset routing and liquidity aggregation technology.

Lower Execution Cost:

By trading at high volume across exchanges and aggregating trades, XTRADE is able to access lower trading fee tiers, then pass the savings onto clients.

Reduce Slippage:

XTRADE’s liquidity pool aggregation and smart routing tools break orders into smaller pieces to ensure that slippage is a non-issue.

Multiple Markets with One Account:

XTRADE allows traders to trade multiple markets with one account, with no need to open accounts at multiple exchanges and track prices manually.

Who’s Behind XTRADE?

XTRADE’s team has experience developing trading platforms at financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Key members of the team include founders Alexander Kravets, Sergii Gulko, and Jon Giacobbe.

The company lists CME Group, Marcum, and ZagTrader as its partners. The company is based at 110 Wall Street in New York.


XTRADE is selling XTRD tokens to accredited investors through a SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens). You’ll need to be an institutional investor or an individual with 200k income/year or assets over $1 million to participate in the sale.

The token sale is taking place throughout Q1 2018.

Of the total supply of XTRD tokens, 50% is going to the token generation event, 29% is going to the XTRADE reserve, 10% is for the advisor pool, and 10% is for the team.


XTRADE is a trading platform that connects multiple exchanges into one simple API. Users can enjoy benefits like higher liquidity, faster trading times, and lower trading fees.

To learn more about XTRADE and how it works, visit online today at XTRADE.io.


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