Xtreme Pro System 2.0

While many of us may remember the first iteration of Xtreme Pro System that was launched all the way back in 2014, what we may not remember is how it caused massive financial losses for nearly all of its investors.

To be more specific, in early 2015, the scheme had imploded and as a result of that, the people behind the project decided to convert the project from an MLM scheme to a single level commission model. This news did not sit well with company investors, and within a matter of days the entire project had collapsed.

Now we come to Xtreme Pro System. This project is similar to its predecessor and is also making use of a ponzi model. According to the new website, the project seems to be now backed by an all new admin group and staff. However, upon thorough research, we could find no trace of any people who are associated with this project (in any capacity whatsoever).

Key Details to Keep in Mind Regarding Xtreme Pro System

(i) Recently Registered Domain:

According to our research, we found that the domain name was recently registered on the 11th of July by an “unknown individual”. The identity of the person has been hidden using a third party software, thereby making it obvious that there is something fishy going on here. As a rule of thumb, if ever an MLM project is not disclosing the identity of its team members, then it should be understood that the venture is a scam.

(ii) No Products on offer:

While other crypto companies offer us with some product that is unique to their brand, Xtreme Pro System 2.0 has “no retailable products or services”. Not only that, it does not even have any affiliate services on offer.

(iii) Unrealistic Returns:

As with all MLM and HYIP schemes, this project also claims to deliver investors with crazy profits within unrealistic time frames.

What is Xtreme Pro System Offering?

Before we discuss the ROI’s being promised by the company, we should first understand how this entire scheme is structured. The Xtreme Pro System 2.0 makes use of a 3×2 matrix cycler . What this means is that for every person on top, there are three positions right under him/her. In a more technical sense, we can see that these three positions form the first level of the matrix, and then each one of them in turn forms a new sub-strata.

In terms of the compensation plan that has been promised, the details have been provided below:

  • Starter Pack – positions cost $25, pays a $150 ROI
  • Xtreme Pack – positions cost $50, pays a $300 ROI
  • High Ticket Xtreme – positions cost $150, pays a $1000 ROI

In addition to this, the scheme also employs a ‘direct referral plan’ that allows customers to earn a commission which is paid out, as and when newer members are recruited. The structure of this referral scheme is as follows:

  • Xtreme Pack purchase generates a $5 referral commission
  • High Ticket Xtreme purchase generates a $15 referral commission

How to Join Xtreme Pro System

As expected, Xtreme Pro System 2.0 offers customers with free affiliate memberships, however to earn the so called “Big Bucks”, users have to fully participate in the project, and invest at least $25 (which is non refundable by the way).

Xtreme Pro System Conclusion

If it is already not clear, we would like to say it once and for all, that this is a Ponzi Scheme which has been rehashed and rebranded to lure in susceptible investors. Everything about this project remains the same as its predecessor, expect for the fact that now the scam is being done using Bitcoin rather than fiat currencies.

While the original Xtreme Pro System offered one $45 cycler tier, the new Xtreme Pro System iteration basically extends that into a three tier system. However, one should not be fooled by this, as the “underlying business model” has not changed one bit.

Lastly, if you don't want to take our word for it, we encourage all our readers to go and read through the FAQ section of the company’s website. There it is clearly stated that Xtreme Pro‘s business model does not offer its customers with any refunds because it “pays other members for ‘cycling’, through the use of our purchases of ad pack/positions.” If this doesn't make it obvious that this whole thing is a scam, then we don't know what else can.

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