xunlei launches stellarcloud and thungerdchain

Xunlei has publicly stated the launching of its two new products, StellarCloud and ThunderChain, which can supposedly contribute towards the development of the blockchain ecosystem. The launching was celebrated in Beijing on May 16, 2018.

Xunlei is a NASDAQ listed cloud-based tech company founded in China. The creation of both StellarCloud and ThunderChain is said to have been possible on existing platforms. In particular, the StellarCloud is an advanced version of Xunlei’s Content Delivery Network Services (CDN).

The updates made can potentially help companies who are looking to transition their platform onto a cloud base. Furthermore, users can take advantage of content delivery, live streaming, data storage and artificial intelligence to name a few. As per available information, this new product may offer up to “30T bandwidth with over 1500 PB storage”.

Next, we have ThunderChain, which is a blockchain platform that can process over one million transactions per second. It is an open platform that allows users to develop start-ups and create dApps (decentralized applications) at significantly low costs. To promote the use of ThunderChain, Xunlei said it plans to provide incentives like getting free access to the platform for a year (given one qualifies) and the potential to receive millions of LinkTokens over a three-year period. More related to what Xunlei views as ‘qualified’ is yet to be disclosed.

The combination of Xunlei’s blockchain-based, OneThing Cloud, StellarCloud and ThunderChain can potentially create a Blockchain 3.0 ecosystem. The team also believes that the LinkToken is crucial, as it can serve as a mean to exchange goods and services that companies create on the latter two platforms. Individual users and companies can benefit from the exchanges, as the latter can focus more on saving operating costs and bringing services that meet users’ needs.

CEO of Xunlei, Mr. Lei Chen stressed the importance of incentives and trust, as being the two key factors that need to be dealt with in any type of setting, even that of the digital platform. He went on to say that

“with Xunlei’s blockchain infrastructure, strong developer support and a million-user ecosystem, we believe developers and companies can create practical applications and solutions that really benefit end users in the ear of Blockchain 3.0.”

Will Xunlei succeed in brining practical use of blockchain technology while maintaining trust?

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