Xunlei Limited Cloud Provider Creates Blockchain File System TCFS

Xunlei Limited, a Chinese technology corporation, has declared that has launched a budding disseminated file structure with an objective of giving the much-needed support to blockchain platforms.

The ThunderChain File Systems (TCFS), together with the ThunderChain Request for Comments (TRC) principles, will go a long way in assisting to support in the improvement of blockchain. The company’s objective in introducing the innovative file method is to combine structures of the current platforms like filecoin and IPFS. Additionally, innovative safety and flexibility features will be added.

The announcement was made in the course of an event held is Shenzhen, China. This was prior to the company presentation the victors of a global blockchain app competition funded by the company. The company’s initial announcement of the ThunderChain launch took place in April, during which it also announced that its innovative blockchain had the ability to offer dispensing capability in lots of dealings within one second.

Strengthening The Potentials Of Others

According to the company’s CEO Lei Chen, the TCFS is made precisely for blockchain stands such as ThunderChain. The TRC principles are meant to assist in building the bionetwork through permitting other entities to build on Xunlei’s blockchain. The CEO also asserted that the corporation is dedicated to strengthening the potentials of people through high-tech revolution.

Chen further declared that Xunlei is introducing ThunderChain File System as well as other budding innovations even as it continues to assist developers to release the actual worth of blockchain. As a company, Xunlei is also thrilled at seeing an increase in the number of practical blockchain projects established in the course of the challenge.

It is also worth noting that the Xunlei joined the innovative technology blockchain sometime last year. However, since then, the company has faced two continuing class action litigation over purported ICO from individuals who have invested in it.

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