What Is Y2X?

The purpose for creating Y2X is to redefine the financial industry. In particular, the team is said to be on a mission to create newer capital formation and investment processes that place great emphasis on identifies, finances and inducing new businesses. As per the details provided, six companies have been identified as playing a crucial role in fundraising and investment.

Who Is Behind Y2X?

The Y2X team is in full force as it consists of a group of experienced executives, technologists and entrepreneurs, who will direct their attention towards portfolios that can contribute towards human growth. The entire project has been co-founded by J. Todd Morley, Mo Gawdat, Shauna Mei, David Shuler, Arthur Andrew Bavelas, Daniela Saad Reboucas, Dori Karjian and Anahita Moghaddam.

Given that each individual contributed in starting a business venture and succeeding in it alone shows the expertise level of each individual. Based on their work background, majority of the members on board have increased knowledge on investments and how blockchain technology can help to revolutionize them. Moreover, many have directly worked on the crypto-related projects, which is crucial for attaining the goal in place.

In addition to a strong team, the Y2X advisors are believed to be global leaders within their respective industries. The members include Shawn Sloves, co-founder and CEO of Fundamental Interactions, Dr. Anita Goel, chairman and CEO of Nanobiosym and Nanobiosym Diagnostics, Eddie Ibanez, founder and CEO of Zenabi Data and Barry Klarberg, Monarch Wealth and Business Management LLC.

Their contributions can potentially make Y2X useful for different industries including that of the business management, artificial intelligence, blockchain development, education, energy, infrastructure, and nano biotechnology.

Y2X Token & ICO Details

The goal of the entire Global Token Offering is to raise $200 million, which will be used to fund the project. The Y2X tokens will be an ERC20 smart contract token, which claim to represent an “indirect fractional non-voting economic interest”. While details regarding the public sale are yet to be disclosed, details regarding purchase methods have been provided – indicating that traders can use either Bitcoin, Etherum or USD.

Several benefits have also been listed, especially for those who invest in Y2X, some of which include increased opportunities to take part in financing rounds, easy access, followed-on offerings and much more.

Y2X Crypto Investments For Returns Conclusion

Overall, the idea behind Y2X appears to be strong, as it can help several businesses increase growth, while solving reoccurring challenges. Co-founder Shuler also believes that Y2X is a great learning platform for businesses, as it will allow them to better adapt to the “new asset class that is democratizing entrepreneurial companies”.

Furthermore, introducing blockchain technology can supposedly help to increase growth rates. What makes this project attractive is the many specialized individuals involved, which indicates the potential the team has in carrying out the project. Including different sectors within the advisory board is also a smart move, as it creates more use of Y2X in different contexts. To follow up on the Y2X project, go to: y2x.io/

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