What Is Yamzu?

Yamzu is an eSport platform that organizes amateur and professional tournaments, which are sponsored by major gaming equipment and software providers. The platform has been active for two years and the community has been growing continuously. On Yamzu, gamers succeed solely based on their ability.

How Yamzu Blockchain eSports Gaming Tournament Platform Works

Because of the blockchain revolution that is taking place, Yamzu creators decided that their reward-based mechanism would be based on the blockchain. This would allow them to offer their customers better services and more possibilities and benefits.

The aim of Yamzu is to expand the gamer community, which will allow non-professionals to gain free access to tournaments. They will then be able to earn rewards in tokens. For them to do that, they have designed a new digital coin they have dubbed the YMZ token. It will work anywhere in the world. It will help to attract more players that have not had a chance to be part of eSports tournaments.

How Yamzu Gamer Will Win

A decade ago if you had been told that you could be paid to play eSports, it could have seemed like a dream. Competing and playing with friends online is fun. It has become quite popular in the west. Today, the gaming world is dominated by men, which might get worse or balance out in future.

Other trends that will take place in eSports is that the number of players could grow to as high as 500 million. This is quite astounding when you consider sports like rugby, baseball, and golf each has about 500 million fans globally.

As the popularity of eSports grows, it will bring in more money. For instance, companies like red bull will want to get in on the action. However, there will also be scammers trying to get some of the action.

Yamzu has already some of this behavior, which prompted them to create a fast and reliable platform for gamers. In light with this, there is an implementation of the blockchain technology on the Yamzu platform.

If you purchase a drill today, it should not be locked and secured with a passcode tomorrow. This is one of the issues, which the digital marketplace often experiences. It is an issue, which smart contracts based on the blockchain, can resolve.

Securing assets is going to be a huge issue in the future of gaming. The blockchain will make it almost impossible to cheat or purchase what many have grafted to earn. It will do this by ensuring total transparency, thus creating barriers for such cheating.

The developers also see the huge potential that the blockchain has in the creation of tournaments. Competing, and earning money is only safe if you can afford to fly out to tournaments. Implementing technology, which is very transparent and guarantees payment will give power back to the gamers.

Yamzu YMZ Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Ticker: YMZ
  • Pre-Sale: July 25 – August 25
  • Main ICO: August 29 – September 29
  • Pre-Sale Bonus:30%
  • Main Sale Bonus: 0%
  • Soft CAP: 3,000,000 €
  • Hard CAP: 13,000,000 €
  • Token Price: 1 YMZ = 0.1 €
  • Available Currencies: ETH
  • Min. Purchase: 0.1 ETH
  • Max. Purchase: Unlimited

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