What Is Yappadappadoo?

Yappadappadoo is a revolutionary ecosystem that links Progressive Web Application to the blockchain enabling a more comprehensive and better use of mobile apps. This app promises to give users and more convenient use of these applications.

Unlike the ordinary app stores, Yappadappadoo promises to give users a bit more than they are used to. Led by the Information Technology Consultants (ITC) GmbH, this system brings about the first linkage between PWA and the blockchain technology. Below are some of the benefits uses expect to derive from this platform.

Yappadappadoo Blockchain Progressive Web App Features

  • This app store’s team is composed a digitally competent team that ensure its maximum optimization.
  • Its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is based on the Ethereum Platform and can be bought using major cryptos.
  • Its clients have access to all the apps features that are available on Yappadappadoo.iostore
  • There are no restrictions with this app store. In addition to operating on a multiplatform, the store is compatible with all android and iOS mobile devices and tablets irrespective of your network quality and data volume.
  • Linking the store to the blockchain allows a transparent, safe and independent use of the system. Users on the platform can give genuine rates that is critical for the development and success of the system.
  • It’s possible to add new applications to existing apps anytime and anywhere.
  • The store features a Yappadappadoo-Suite with a drag and drop feature making it very easy to use.
  • You do not have to download any software into your phone since you can stream the mobile data. You can also work online with the cloud-based web technology.
  • The store provides users with an extensive choice of apps.
  • The store is compatible with most progressive features in your phone such as the microphone, messaging, camera, GPS and others.
  • You can use Yappadappadoo tokens called Flints (FLI) to buy apps in the app store.
  • This system is lightning fast and thus convenient in countries with poor network quality and speed like India and Russia.
  • The store will generate significant revenue to the investors

Market Reaction Of Yappadappadoo

  • Being a PWA SEO-optimized system, it will allow developers to create apps conveniently and quickly.
  • This project presents a huge scope of optimization in regions with virgin markets such as India, Africa and China. The quality of mobile network in these regions is still poor.
  • The low app rate of 15% is pushing this store’s popularity. Conventional stores charge as much as 30%
  • The store supports free apps and provides ad-free versions at a minimal charge.
  • The store serves a market of more than 4.5 billion users globally.

Yappadappadoo FLI Token & ICO Details

This stores tokens as mentioned earlier are known as Flints (FLI). The tokens are ERC20-compatible and can be delivered using smart contracts. You can use major digital currencies such as ether and bitcoin to acquire FLI which you can use to buy or receive payments for the apps in this store. The blockchain payment system ensures that you do not pay high commissions by eliminating micro payments. Below are the details of the ICO.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: FLI
  • MVP/Prototype: Available
  • Currency: ETH, Fiat, BTC
  • Price: 1 FLI is 0.13 USD
  • Small Cap: 100 USD
  • Hard Cap: 16,000,000 USD

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