Billions of dollars are transferred every day and people, collectively, lose out on millions in inefficient systems and high transaction fees. There is a lack of transparency and accountability in the system. Another big problem in the major global financial organizations is that more than 3.5 billion (50% of global population) are still unbanked.

A solution to these problems is a crowd-based banking system that secures its customer’s funds by blockchain technology.

About YayProto

Token Symbol: YFN

Token Sale Starts: April 230th, 2018

Token Sale Ends: May 28th, 2018

Token Price: 1 ETH = 7500 YFN

Token Standard: ERC20

Soft Cap: 11500 ETH

Hard Cap: 46000 ETH

YayProto is the world's first multipurpose binary protocol and built with decentralized technology based in Indonesia. With YayProto Loan we aim to provide alternative decentralized lending solutions to individuals and businesses using innovative blockchain technology. Once on the YayProto backend, there will be a developer platform, which will use cryptocurrency along with fiat currency for peer-to-peer loan purposes.

YayProto Platform lending allows people around the world to lend or borrow Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Fiat currencies, thereby becoming part of the global decentralized financial services. Our team strongly believes in the potential of peer-to-peer lending.

YayProto is a licensed and trusted node, capable of handling thousands or tens of thousands of transactions per second, to achieve this by executing on-client contracts and verifying their output with a 90% consensus algorithm in the creation of each new block.

Features Of YayProto

  • International and local money transfer: Users can enter the recipient’s address directly into their wallet and send quick transfers to anywhere in the world.
  • Wallet: Their Wallet is an alternative to traditional banking with a better way to spend, save and share money. It is absolutely fee-free and straight from the mobile application.
  • P2P Exchange: YayProto platform allows to connect a large number of individuals to trade cryptocurrencies across the globe.
  • Card: The virtual and physical cards will be issued with the function to connect virtual assets in the finance sphere.
  • Lending: P2P Financing & Investing Platform which enables a single individual or group of people to issue loans. YayProto tokens will be used to determine the credit score and are considered an important part of the system.
  • Encrypted messenger: A full-feature decentralized private, secure and encrypted messaging app. It is also capable of sending multimedia, and also support live encryption of all multimedia streams. The app enables to send money P2P.
  • Offline Shopping: A free online marketplace where people can securely and reliably buy and sell any items you wish using cryptocurrency. Like any regular marketplaces, it will have all features you need to manage your stores.

YayProto Tokens

The tokens will be used for in-app payments, offline payments, P2P transfers, P2P crowdlending, As well as having an ability to pay for YayFon main products suited for business, like Call Button and/or Cloud PBX. Through ICO they aim to make this service more affordable, transparent and reliable.

The exchange rates for the token is 7500 YFH for 1 ETH and 1 BTC will get 75000 YFH with a minimum transaction amount of 1 ETH or 0.04 BTC. 50% of all the tokens generated will be allocated for the ICO and 15 % for Pre-ICO. 10% goes to the team, 10% to the developer's community bounty, 10% to the advisors and 5% to the marketing community bounty.

YayProto Conclusion

Although YayProto is solving a problem that needs to be solved instantaneously, the ecosystem is crowded with many competitors. It is yet to be seen if they come out ahead of the crowd.

More information about the platform and the token is available on https://ico.yayfon.com/ .


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