Although blockchain has been the rave for a couple of years, its mass adoption is still far from becoming a reality. Despite the success of its best-known technologies, Bitcoin (cryptocurrency), several inefficiencies play a significant role in deterring people from trusting blockchain technology to sustain their systems.

Yezcoin is presenting a new blockchain technology solution that will help people accept more of the technology into their real-world applications. The ICO's solution will address the problems facing blockchain adoption and present solutions to the challenges.

About Yezcoin

Yezcoin platform is a comprehensive all-in-one blockchain solution that promises to offer the obvious answers that will enhance the adoption of blockchain technology. While navigating the crypto sphere is a challenging process, Yezcoin's hybrid solution will bring together a combination of solutions that simplify the users' experience while transacting through blockchain.

In line with this vision, Yezcoin hopes to create and promote a positive image for blockchain and build on the technology's community. Consequently, Yezcoin hopes people can gain confidence, trust and support blockchain and its applications to a mature level.

Yezcoin Decentralized Crypto Exchange Features

Yezcoin platform aims to achieve the solutions through developing and using the following technological features:

Yezcoin Hybrid Exchange

The Yezcoin hybrid exchange operates a centralized exchange model while also employed the security of a decentralized model. Combining the capability of both exchange models will bring a balance in the speed, security, and performance of the exchange.


Part of Yezcoin is to focus on combating illegal activities in cryptocurrency's ecosystem through the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) mechanisms for safe investment.

Biometrics ID

There is a rise in the use of biometric information is also evident in Yezcoin as the platform enables a Biometrics ID to allow users to unlock their digital wallets and securely manage their blockchain Biometrics ID.

Smart AI

The Yezcoin trade allows for two types of purchasing options; at their full price or to buy at a discounted price. And with the Smart AI mechanisms, the trades, selections and complicated calculations will become automated for the best deal in the trade.

Mobile Blockchain

Yezcoin is working to ensure its blockchain solution get to work on mobile devices. The challenge is to make the adoption of blockchain technology much more convenient

Yezcoin Scam Detector

Yezcoin also develops anti-scam features that help verify digital wallet accounts to alert the users on potentially sending virtual currency to a known scammers' addresses.

How Yezcoin Is Committed

  • Yezcoin assures the KYC and AML measures within the blockchain technology are compliant with the legal regulations.
  • The hybrid nature of the Yezcoin exchange achieves the perfect balance that brings the best in both models.
  • Use of Biometrics ID and 2FA process provides the Yezcoin customers with the necessary security.
  • A 24/7 customer service to indulge with the users having different queries.
  • The expertise in advanced mobile technology allows for a much effective mobile blockchain implementation using mobile phones.

Yezcoin YEZ Token ICO Details


  • Period- 1- 31September 2018
  • Supply- 200,000,000 YEZ
  • Price- $0.10


  • Period- October 2018
  • Supply- 400,000,000 YEZ
  • Price- $0.20

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker- YEZ
  • Platform- NEO Blockchain
  • Token supply- 1,000,000,000 Yezcoin
  • Amount for sale- 600,000,000 YEZ
  • ICO Price- 1 YEZ= $0.20
  • Hard cap- $100,000,000

Token Allocation

  • ICO- 40%
  • Pre-ICO- 20%
  • Strategic partners- 10%
  • Team members- 15%
  • Reserve for R&D- 15%

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