There are so many investments appearing in the last few days alone that an investor can be pretty overwhelmed by all the options he has. Surely, he can invest in Bitcoin, but a good portfolio is a diverse one, is it not? Because of this, if you aspire to be a great investor, you have to invest in many different fronts, but always being sure that you are making good investments.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are some of the hottest investments in the moment, so be sure that you know everything about the companies in which you are investing. To help investors like you, today we are going to review a new start-up company called Yobank.

What Is Yobank?

Yobank is a financial start-up that is planning an ICO to develop an online cryptocurrency bank. Their biggest difference from the other popular cryptocurrency companies is that Yobank wants to be a decentralized, but also a regulated bank.

Instead of going with the current flow of the unregularized cryptocurrency market, Yobank plans to be a proper bank that you will be able to use to store cryptocurrency and have all the other functions that banks normally have, like a credit card, ATMs and all of the other operations that banks normally make.

This way, Yobank intends to differentiate itself from the other companies in the cryptocurrency market by having a regulated bank that will act just like normal non-blockchain banks do, but with more efficiency and speed.

How Does Yobank Work?

Yobank will have the same business structure of a normal bank but using two very distinct features: it will be a real online bank in the sense of not having physical agencies and it will use blockchain technology instead of the current centralized technology used in banks at the current time.

Blockchain technology will enable Yobank to be ahead of other banks because the users will not have to wait long periods before completing transactions or using any kind of service. With this system, the bank can beat the other with speed and efficiency that normal banks simply will never have.

The bank will also not have any physical agency. Physical agencies are useless today in their vision, especially when you can solve anything online and, thus, diminish the costs your operational costs. Finally, the regulation will provide Yobank with the opportunity to bridge the mainstream economy and the blockchain economy.

How To Invest In Yobank?

To invest in this company, you will have to buy their YOB tokens. You can only do that using Bitcoin or Ethereum, so you will have to buy these cryptocurrencies first if you plan to buy tokens, but you do not have any of these two currencies available.

The pre-ICO will begin on December 18. Without any discount, you can buy 2222 YOB tokens with 1 ETH or 52140.36 YOB tokens with 1 BTC at the time of this report. The sooner you buy, the bigger will be your discount while buying YOB tokens.

The tokens will act as shares of the company. If you buy 100% of the tokens in the company (which you probably will not), you will be able to receive 20% of the profits of the company, so you can say that if you have 1% of the tokens, you will have 0.2% of the profit.

The Yobank Verdict

Is this a good investment? Yobank definitely seems like a good choice for investors that want to invest in a company with a solid business plan and receive their return on investment soon. There are no red flags in Yobank’s site, which is always a good signal and you can not only sell your YOB tokens at a higher price but receive dividends for them.

The company will probably achieve at least a moderate level of success in 2018 if their ICO is successful, so it looks like investing in them can be a good option in the long term, especially if the company really grows, which can lead to a very good return on investment some years in the future.

If you feel like investing in this company can be a good deal, go for it. There are not many negative points about this company, so you don’t have to be afraid. Good luck investing.

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