Our imagination is barely involved in our day to day tasks and children suffer the most from the consequences. They need the help of learning and creativity boosting tools.

The learning tools available for kids nowadays are either very complicated or too expensive. Yohocube has come up with a simple and cheap product which can dramatically boost creativity.

What Is Yohocube?

Yohocube is an award-winning educational building-set made of cardboard. It consists of two elements, a cube and a prism. This elementary building set is swiftly becoming increasingly popular all over the world. This educational platform is not only beneficial to children but also their parents. Children get to learn social skills through interaction between digital interactive environment and a toy.

They produce cardboard building-sets for children and adults. Buildings blocks can be molded into any shape, castles, balls, cars, furniture and so on. A child can assemble a figure as origami from flat spreads without glue or scissors. The strength of the cardboard is sufficient to disassemble and reassemble toys, modify the shape of the structures and draw on their surface. The building sets are used for group games or children’s studios. Its both an indoor and outdoor activity. Youcube is safe for both the health of the children and the safety of the environment.

Yohocube Advantages

Few advantages of Yohocube are:

  • Simplicity: Simple forms are useful in stimulating imagination development at any age, be it young or old.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made of Biodegradable cardboard which can pass any safety or environmental tests. No use of unnecessary plastic is used, both in the product and the packaging.
  • Creativity: The design is in natural colors which contributes to imagination development and personalization of every created object.

Yohocube YOHO ICO Details

Their token is a digital asset with an integrated discount to Yohocube building-set. Yoho token is issued on Ethereum platform under ERC20 standard. Tokens will be distributed during the public sale. YOHO is their virtual currency holder.

Investors get the following benefits:

  • Always get to pay for a building set with a 40% discount.
  • Getting cashback within the Yohocube loyalty program.
  • Participating in creating new series of building sets for a part of profit from their sale.

Yohocube tokens can be purchased by a BTC or ETH transfer within the framework of a public token sale or as a gift when buying a building set during the pre sale and token sale. Total sale cap of the token sale is $5 million. YOHO will be up for a private Pre-ICO on 27th March to 13th April 2018. ICO dates are from 20th April to 17th May 2018. Total tokens on sale is 84%, advisors, partners and supporters get 5%, founders get 5% and 6% is reserved for their Bounty program.

Yohocube Conclusion

Yohocube connects two different worlds, child development by the virtue of a building-set and an educational online platform. This approach expands use of both products increasing the value of this solution for both children and parents. Their team is ready to build the company of a new format, a corporation for people where the very existence of the company is maintained by users and where the border between the company and the client is blurred. They have a perfect business model which helps them to adapt to a maximum number of country.

More can be found out about Yohocube and YOHO token on their website yohocube.io/

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