Cryptocurrencies has been limited in several countries because of scalability, privacy, and interoperability challenges. This is a hindrance to the many cryptocurrencies that will be being created to solve unique business challenges within unique industries.

YOLO is dedicated to creating an ecosystem to enhance faster payment processes with low fees, designed to support all coins while providing a bridge mechanism for cross-chain and trades among other cryptocurrencies interoperability.

About Yolo

YOLO is a peer to peer digital cryptocurrency with decentralized wallet and franchising. It is one of the first digital currency that officially launched in Philippines with the objective to  to address the challenges of acceptability with exception to usher the market.

YOLO is on a mission to be recognized in the crypto world as the Altcoin that delivers results geared with strong returns for the investors or holders. Yolo wants to be part of the driving creation of the new financial ecosystem grounded in the interaction between blockchain and fiat currencies. As they build a reputation for providing consistent returns to all holders and investors, ensuring reliable programs that actively evolve on current market trends.

To get started, all you have to do is to choose a wallet to buy YOLO. The wallet can be used to store any wave token and be viewed on their Dashboard. The wallet can be even used to send YOLO to other YOLO holders.

Features Of YOLO

  • Analyze: Users can invest their wealth in a community-driven decentralized cryptocurrency. Using the Waves Dex decentralized exchange users can be involved in Peer-to-Peer trade.
  • Buy/Sell: Users can trade in a variety of different trading pairs such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, and Waves.
  • Instant Exchange: The transactions are instantaneous, unlike other exchanges. At the same time, it is efficient too.
  • Live Transaction: The transactions happen in real time which enables the users to quickly see the rate on other buy and sell orders.
  • Low Fees: The fees are 0.01 cent per transaction, which is one of the lowest in the business.
  • Anonymity: The transactions are anonymous owing to the strong financial cryptography.
  • Worldwide availability: E-Transact is available worldwide for global merchants.
  • Transparent: Blockchain technology is used to create a permanent, public, transparent ledger system for compiling data and tracking digital use and payments.
  • Mobile App: Easily deposit or withdraw to your bank account and pay bills using Yolo’s mobile app.

Yolo Coin Conclusion

Yolo is on the track to roll out Debit Card, which allows them to have a more powerful presence and optimization to the present financial models. They have plans to have YOLO stores in the future too.

More can be found out about YOLO coins on their website https://www.yoloworld.io/ .

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