Daniel Lew, one of the co-founders of YOLOWorld.io which has 18,000 crypto traders had started an idea of launching a cryptocurrency trading exchange after finding numerous issues from the existing crypto exchanges. However, YOLO coins face numerous technical issues and were removed from Waves and Organic Token as a result of that. To overcome the shortcomings, YOLO Exchange was launched.

About YOLO Exchange

The YOLO Exchange is the first ever instant approval KYC compliant verification exchange, which supports most blockchains such as ERC20, Waves, NEM, NEO, EOS, and so on.All types of coins or tokens are accepted in this platform, which is something that existing exchanges don’t have due to their own limitations.

The benefit of YOLO.exchange is that all YOLO holders will get their first 1000 transactions for free while new members will have a very low trading fee at just 1%. Also by having YOLO coin itself as the main trading pair of the exchange will certainly skyrocket the price of YOLO coin.

Apart from the exchange, they already have YOLO Shift, which is their own version of Shapeshift where everyone can swap their coin or token to another type of it. In that case, when they want to exchange Bitcoin to Ethereum, they can use YOLO Shift to successfully convert it to any amount.


YLX token is released on the basis of Ethereum platform. It’s compatibility with third-party services wallets and exchanges provide easy-to-use integration. The total number of tokens in circulation is 200 million and out of that 120 million will be available for token sale. The exchange rate for 1,333 YLX is 1 ETH and 23,333 is 1 BTC. The minimal transaction amount is 0.1 ETH or 0.01 BTC.

9.6% of the tokens will be available for presale, 48% will be distributed in core phase of tokens sale, 9.4% will be given to the partners and advisors, 20% will be given to the project team, 2% will be given to the Bounty campaign, 10% will be given to Bonus funds and 1% will be allocated for Airdrops.

The proceeds from the token sales will be utilized as follows:

  • 47% will be used in developing the IT Infrastructure
  • 4% will be allocated for legal and financial overhead
  • 18% will be used for branding and marketing
  • 29% will be used in hiring and salaries of the team.
  • 2% will be used in the bounty program

The Pre-sale starts on 4 April 2018 and the public sale goes live on May 14, 2018.

Yolo Exchange Conclusion

After numerous issues from various exchanges and due to their very broad experience in both software and blockchain development this setback has made them even more motivated to have their very own cryptocurrency trading platform. Now their product and business model seems robust. More information about the crowdsale and the platform is available on https://yolo.exchange/ico/ .


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