Yoo-Mi UME ICO Review

The Yoo-Mi personal health assistant is powered by AI technology from Infibond. This AI has the ability to assess, understand, and even empathize with the individuals. The Yo-Mi pha utilizes this technology and the data it gathers to bring about positive behavioral change. This behavior modification is designed to bring about better health and wellness for you.

The project’s development started five years ago and has been going on since. There are over 60 experts involved. All of these experts are knowledgeable in various areas such as AI, machine learning, deep learning, android development, software engineering, and psychology.

The Yoo-Mi PHA will aggregate a user’s mobile data and use it to make an accurate assessment of their behavioral makeup including their triggers, traits, internal motivations, and predispositions.

More About Yoo-Mi UME

This is the flagship product, which is powered by the Infibond technology. This is a personal assistant, designed to look just like its users. With the help of infibond technology, the PHA talks to you and motivates you in a manner that you will respond to best. Besides that, you will gain in-depth insight into your health and tips that will help you reach certain goals.

This entire platform, which is comprised of the personal assistant and marketplace, where you can purchase various services and products, runs on the blockchain. It ensures that the platform is secure, transparent, and that there are incentives for the wellness community to grow.

This Is The Future

With the rapid advancements in technology, the 150-year lifespan is becoming more of a possible reality. However, living longer does not necessarily equate to a better quality of life. Despite this being a reality, there is no comprehensive solution out there, which seeks to optimize the daily wellness of individuals.

Combined with the fast-paced lives that modern people lead, there may not be enough time for you to visit a specialist. This leads to a huge gap between what people should be doing and what they are doing. The Yoo-Mi platform is seeking to change all that.

Issues With The Current System

There are numerous reasons why people fail to improve the wellbeing, despite knowing it is good for them. However, the three most basic ones are information, motivation, and dedication.

Today, there is a lot of health and fitness flowing around on the internet, in books, and TV shows. However, this information is generalized and is not suited to the individual needs of everyone. The other issue is motivation. No one wants to be overweight or in poor shape.

However, they just do not get the right motivational factors for them to do something about it. Thirdly, people lack dedication. Getting started on a training program is easy. However, only a few manage to get to the end. With the right information and advice at the right time, it can help to ensure that more people stay dedicated.

The Yoo-Mi UME ICO Token Presale

The presale is already live. The token sale is going to take about 14 days, during which the UME tokens will be sold. The hard cap for this project to be feasible has been set at $75 million.


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