The average American receives spam emails and unsolicited phone calls from marketers. This can be very annoying and inconveniencing.

Imagine that you’re expecting an important phone call only for a telemarketer to call you 3 seconds before the company you’re expecting the call from calls you, and you miss the appointment or offer as a result.

While this might sound very unlikely, it happens more frequently than most people know. Well, what if there was a way to control these thing? Ensure that telemarketers never reach you or spam mails never hit your inbox, keeping it free of junk and clean?

This is what YooPing is promising you. And they intend to do it without the need for any regulation or centralized server, institution or company.

What Is YooPing

According to the company, YooPing helps you take back control of your messages, phone calls and emails. So, you can determine who you want to get emails from, and those you don’t want.

This makes sense because there’s primarily zero or very limited consensus between the sending and receiving parties –there’s some form of restriction in the form of email and phone number blacklists- among the email, hosting, telecommunications and server companies.

As a result, the average individual finds his inbox flooded by spam mails and whatnot. YooPing promises to help minimize and completely eliminate this by creating a technology –rather, leveraging currently available technologies– that will help eliminate these issues.

How YooPing Blockchain ID & Communication Works

The company says it will be basing its service on the blockchain technology, thus creating a decentralized communications network where consensus is the primary focus.

So, if you don’t give a company or an individual the permission to email or call you, they cannot do so, even if they try… unless you request a fee for them to reach you.

According to YooPing, “We “positively disrupt” digital communications, for the benefit of users and communication providers, using blockchain and smart contracts. Blockchain provides distributed trust through consensus. Smart contracts provide commitment (a small and potentially refundable financial risk) by the sender. Combined, they provide the communications industry with the assurance everyone benefits from.

This kind of technology is bound to put you in control of your digital communications, ensuring that you can pick and choose the messages you want, from whom, and at what cost.

YooPing YPNG ICO Details

While the token sale isn’t on yet, YooPing intends to launch an ICO in the nearest future. When this happens, they intend to release about 450m tokens, with 1 YooPing (YPNG) token valued at $0.10 USD (10 cents). Investors who buy into their ICO will then profit from the company’s growth and increasing value.

Is YooPing Worth Your Investment?

One of the things we routinely look out for before investing in cryptocurrencies or their tokens is the team. YooPing’s team is very impressive.

The list includes investment backing tech guys, ex-heads of international retail, tech experts and even includes an ex-head of a police department and an ex-DoD/ NATO security consultant.

These guys clearly aren’t playing around and look like they’re in it for the long haul. We also took a look at their roadmap to see how far they’ve come, and they have been active from the get-go. They have hit every milestone and look poised to hit even more.

Their transparency is also pretty decent. This is a breath of fresh air in an industry that’s fast becoming one with less and less transparency –some companies don’t even have heads or teams that you can easily identify or track down.

These, combined with their excellent use case makes them an attractive company in the crypto space to invest in. If you are looking to get in on the opportunities they’re offering, you might want to get on their email notification list here at

YooPing looks like the real deal, and one we strongly recommend you should invest in when the time comes.

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