Yoritex is the first of its kind; it is the first European online bank with cross-border multicurrency for the EU residents and nonresidents. If you have witnessed problems opening a bank remotely, then this could be the solution you are looking for. It is especially difficult to open a non-resident if you are in Europe and a resident if Israel, Canada, China and many more non-European states.

As a result, you would experience increased costs when paying for the high commission on trading cost. This is the solution to your agonizing pain, as the company promises that there will be no discrimination treatment to the non-EU members.

Get To Know Yoritex Inc

The company was registered in Canada the year 2009, this is under the Federal Corporation. Additionally, SimcoePay is a registered trademark that is under Yoritex Inc.

The SimcoePay brings about several benefits to the user. The first thing is you are able to receive all your payments for free in Cryptocurrencies and Fiat. There is no extra cost if you would like to transfer funds between your own accounts in the platform, and this all happens immediately.

You are also able to make quick payments to another account holder on SimcoePay. It will also help you take advantage of the FX automation conversion and the online onboarding. And did we forget to mention how easy it is for you to integrate it with the various payment gateways that are available in the marketplace.

Indeed, it is here to make your transactions much more comfortable.

Yoritex YRX ICO Details

The Yoritex token is one that represents partly in the SimcoePay, which is an online banking infrastructure. If you are a holder of this YRX Token, then you have the opportunity to earn up to 24% per annum the SimcoePay that is a P2P lending platform. The tokens play a very crucial part in SimcoePay.

This online banking system that has been established will be used to help in accessing the range of services and products that are being offered. The ICO campaign ends on May 10th 2018, once this campaign is over the YRX tokens will immediately be available for investors to trade on the various cryptocurrency exchanges that are present.

How You Can Participate In The Yoritex ICO

The first step is ensuring you have an Ethereum wallet that is able to support the ERC-20 type of tokens. In the event you don’t have an ETH wallet, not to worry, creating one will just take you a few minutes and you are all set up.

Once you have created your wallet, you need to ensure you have some funds available. It could either be in BTC, ETH or LTC. If you don’t have any of these funds, you can easily buy with your cryptocurrency exchange. And this will happen instantly.

With your wallet all loaded with the needed funds, then you are ready to buy the YRX tokens. It is simple than ever before, to ensure your transaction moves smoothly.

Our Take On Yoritex Crypto Banking & Wallet Token

The company has been able to identify a problem that exists in the market and established a solution that makes life easier. It is truly here in the interest of its members, thus, giving us a lot of confidence on the ICO they have. So why not invest in the Yoritex ICO and start trading.

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