Yota.biz is an investment scheme that promises to pay you daily ROIs of 1.5 to 3.5%. Find out if it’s a scam or a legitimate investment opportunity today in our review.

What Is Yota?

Yota.biz is an investment service based in Hong Kong. The company’s products are primarily catered to Chinese and Russian language speakers, although an English version of the website is also available.

Yota.biz sells investment packages. You buy an investment package for between $35 and $2.5 million, and then the company will pay you an ROI of 1.5% to 3.5% per day.

Some of the packages have terms as short as 15 days. Others have an indefinite term: which means the company will pay you up to 3.5% returns per day, every day, forever. What a deal!

Ultimately, Yota.biz has all the classic signs of a high yield investment scheme or Ponzi scheme: investors are encouraged to deposit money into the company, and then the company recruits new members to pay for the returns of old members. The scheme collapses when new members can no longer be recruited.

Let’s take a closer look at how Yota.biz works.

How Does Yota Work?

Yota.biz has six different investment products. You pay the company a certain amount of money, and they’ll pay you money every day. Your ROI varies from 1.5% to 3.5% per day, every day.

The company doesn’t sell any products or services. They don’t claim to invest in any types of businesses or industries. It’s unclear where the massive returns come from.

In 100% of cases, if someone offers to pay you 1.5% to 3.5% per day to borrow your money, you’re being scammed. That’s an APR of several hundred percent per year – which is an absurd interest rate for any type of loan.

The six different Yota.biz “investment packages” include:

  • Quick Start: 1.5% ROI per day, 15 bank day deposit period, deposits of $35 to $299
  • Sya: 1.8% ROI per day, unlimited deposit period, deposits of $300 to $5999
  • Shan: 2.2% ROI per day, unlimited deposit period, deposits of $6,000 to $19,999
  • Tsin’: 2.5% ROI per day, unlimited deposit period, deposits of $20,000 to $69,999
  • Han’: 3.0% ROI per day, unlimited deposit period, deposits of $70,000 to $499,999
  • Mara: 3.5% ROI per day, unlimited deposit period, deposits of $500,000 to $2.5 million

Yes, the company genuinely expects some investors to send them $2.5 million – despite the fact that it’s an obvious scam.

The website also mentions some type of “Rewards Program” where users can earn 19% ROI. It seems like this is a referral system where you make 19% commissions across 3 to 6 tiers of referrals – similar to how most pyramid schemes and multilevel marketing companies operate.

Who’s Behind Yota?

Yota.biz, like most online scams, refuses to disclose any identifying information about itself or its founders online.

The company claims to have been launched in 2013, and they claim to have a 100% success record.

The website features a corporation registration document that appears to be proof of a legitimate corporation in Hong Kong. That corporation is registered to a man named Wen Feng Lai, who lists an address in Guangdong province as his home address.

A man named Milos Havlik is also listed as a Reserve Director. Havlik is based in Bratislava, Slovakia.

We can’t find any information about either man online – like their background, or why they’re qualified to handle your investments.

The corporation was registered in December 2013 under the company number 2013398. The official name of the company is Yota Trading HongKong Limited”.

The Yota.biz website prominently features the logo of major Chinese financial institutions, including the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Bank of China, and the Chinese Bank of Communications, among others. It’s unclear how these organizations are affiliated with Yota.biz. However, they’re most likely unaware that their logos are being used on the official site.

You can contract the company by phone at (852) 5819 8984 or by email at [email protected]

Yota Conclusion

Ultimately, when someone promises to pay you interest rates as high as 3.5% per day, it’s a 100% sign that you’re being scammed. Yota.biz has all of the trademark signs of a Ponzi scheme or HYIP scam: the company makes enormous promises about its ROIs, refuses to explain how their investments generate such enormous returns, and it has a multilevel marketing system in place to ensure people tell their friends about the “opportunity”.

You can take a look at the scam for yourself online today at Yota.biz.

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