Youdeal Blockchain Trading Platform Plans Partnership with YUEDAN

The blockchain development continues to advance with each passing day. More and more companies are seeing the possibilities that the new type of technology can offer, and are eager to join in and explore their own new options. Eventually, blockchain is expected to completely reshape the production relationships of the entire world.

Youdeal’s Plans A Partnership With YUEDAN

According to new reports, a Singapore-based foundation is attempting to change the personal transactions' product relationship as a part of the new project. The project uses Youdeal, which has a goal of solving issues regarding privacy and trust which seems to be a common problem that many transaction platforms are currently struggling with.

The sources claim that Youdeal is planning on entering a new cooperation with the biggest person-to-person free transaction platform in China, YUEDAN. Basically, YUEDAN allows users to connect directly, and to enter transactions with each other. This is what they call a free lifestyle, which is supposed to unite service providers and their consumers. Both individuals and service providers are capable of using it. Right now, YUEDAN numbers over 50 million users.

Additionally, Youdeal will open up to many other companies around the world, and are currently working on establishing partnerships with various other firms. These include Line, Craigslist, Tinder, and many others. Youdeal's goal is to enter the market via app scenarios, and to use this opportunity to promote a new way of establishing production relationships via industry agreements.

Blockchains Gather Even More Support

One of the Silicon Valley investors, Bryan Schreier, stated on one occasion that the next company to reach the value of $50 billion will have to be a ‘hybrid' industry. According to him, this can only be achieved by the firm that finds a way to combine manpower and technology.

Right now, YUEDAN's number of downloads at the AppStore is successfully exceeding even Telegram's, and its popularity doesn't show any signs of stopping as of yet.

Telegram has also joined the blockchain technology, and it has managed to raise over $1.7 billion by combining transactions, social media, and the power of blockchain. Another new addition to the blockchain world is the mobile internet Unicorn, but even this company is only one of many that see the future in the blockchain.

There is no way of predicting just how much can blockchain change the world as of yet. What can be confirmed is that, with each passing day, it gains more supporters, whether they are individuals, or large companies willing to harness its potential and improve their businesses even further.

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