Cryptocurrency and crypto mining have become some of the latest buzzwords in the technology industry. They represent the emerging technologies that are the digital currencies. They are built on blockchain – a technology that helps secure and validates transactions online.

Crypto mining has in the past become very difficult – you cannot mine alone, and joining a pool requires a lot from you in terms of hardware and other resources including cash. As such, many companies have been launched to offer crypto mining services. YouHash is just one of them.

What Is YouHash?

YouHash claims that crypto mining doesn’t have to be complicated anymore. Their platform displays the fact that they are a public a Bitcoin mining company and can help you make Bitcoin with ease in little time. That way you can make extra money through investing whether you do it small and large scale. You are only required to sign in, make a deposit with Bitcoin and purchase hashing power – it is that simple. They hard work is left to them including server setups, miners, computing resources maintenance and any other overhead. But truth be told, crypto mining is complicated requiring expertise and expensive hardware and not the easy and calculated steps as they are claiming.

And to hook investors, everyone who signs on the YouHash platform is given an equivalent of 100GH/s hashing power which gets activated the minute you sign in. After that to buy 1000GH/s, you need 0.00148000 BTC for nearly 9. 7 percent profit daily. 0.50607100 BTC gets you 350000 hashing power and profits up to 9. 9 profits in a day. 7.46418500 BTC amounts to 6800000 and achieves 11. 48 percent per day. The last package requires a deposit of 14.85794390 BTC for 17000000 worth of Hash power

They also have a well-organized referral system which is now open to the public. There also have affiliate bonuses of up to 10 percent for investors who refer other investors in the network. At a low minimum investment of 0.001 BTC for a start, an investor is able to make 14 percent daily earning

YouHash Mining Hash Power Investment Conclusion

You can mine with YouHash only at your own risk. One indicator of a Ponzi scheme is what YouHash is doing. Giving you freemium – free things are expensive in the long run. In the case of YouHash, it is free 100GH/s allows you to start mining. When the deal is too good, think twice or should I say, run. Uncommon investment returns and the extremely recommended program scream out the fact that YouHash is out to swallow your entire investment.


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