What Is YouHodler?

YouHodler is a financial service that operates on the blockchain. The crypto-backed loan service enables users to acquire instant loans. The platform offers a loan-to-value ratio of 70 percent, which is the highest in the market. Besides, it offers a very low-interest rate of just 3% for short-term loans.

It is also important to note that YouHodler focuses on crypto-backed lending with fiat loans, such that a borrower can end up with USD or Euros secured by crypto collaterals such as BTC, ETH, XRP and other digital assets.

To get started, users have to create accounts on the YouHodler platform and transfer their crypto assets to their YouHodler wallets. This makes it work like crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, and others. Once the account is up and running, the users can decide which crypto asset to pick for a fiat loan.

Importantly, the platform has an innovative concept that enables its users to hold onto their digital assets as they spend on necessary purchases at all times. The crypto market is unpredictable and each participant wants to buy low and sell high. YouHodler enables users to HODL so they can gain from their assets in the future.

YouHodler Benefits

  • Bank accounts at Switzerland
  • Partnerships with trusted fiat payment providers
  • Our own secure wallet system
  • Integration with leading crypto exchanges
  • Our extensive expertise in currency exchange rate risk management

YouHodler Target Users

  • Crypto holders, traders, and investors
  • Miners
  • Blockchain companies

How YouHodler Crypto As Collateral Loans On The Blockchain Works

The YouHodler platform enables users to borrow funds instantly, according to the current value of a user’s digital asset holdings:

  • The user requests a loan using his or her digital asset as collateral
  • The loan is approved instantly and the user receives the agreed amount in fiat (either in USD or EUR)
  • After repaying the loan, the user repossesses the collateral, even if it has increased in value.

Your YouHodler Questions Answered

How Much Cash Can You Get?

Borrowers can get up to $10,000 in cash instantly. Amounts larger than this require proper consultation before borrowing.

Which Loan Terms Are Available?

YouHodler offers three different types of loans: 15-day, 30-day, and 1-year. The interest rate varies between 3 and 26 percent according to the terms of the loan chosen. As noted earlier, the loan-to-value ratio hovers between 40 and 70 percent based on the terms of the loan.

Why The Difference In Interest Rates?

The platform lends according to the number of members they have. This gives them the opportunity to offer better rates for everyone. The goal is to grow a community of borrowers and lenders. Those who join early and refer additional members stand a chance of getting incentives.

Can More Collateral Provide Better Interest Rates?

No, the amount collateral does not determine the interest rate. The platform believes that every member is important and deserves equal rates regardless of how much money or collateral they have. YouHodler seeks to change the rampant concept in the financial circles, in which people with more assets, connections, or access get better treatment.

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